Mission Salvaged.

Flames. That was the only thing being shot from one end of the vast plain to the other. A Rathian’s fire-ball was usually nothing too great a concern when you have armours and skills of experts. But on this occassion they seem abit more…”pimped” up.  Maybe because the creature they were fighting was of a rare type. A pink Rathian. But maybe it was because of something else. Something darker.

“Whoa!!!” Raisha shouted as he narrowly missed the death charge by the Rathian.

“Doesnt take a hint does it?!” Musica scowled while launching his counter-attack with his Devil Slicer.

“Burdens. Whaddya expect?”

“Imma gonna carve out its voice box when im done.” Musica cursed under his breath.

With its mate gone, nothing was gonna stand between her and the duo’s demise.

“Mu! Get a shock trap up and running or we’ll not gonna last another grind!”

“Im all out Rai! All out!”

“Damn…” Raisha muttured. “Anymore bright ideas?!” Raisha shouted as he fended another feiry attack.

“Bright… Thats it! Just one Raisha!”

Musica pulled out from his overcoat a small light yellow sphere and tossed it at the Raisha-distracted Rathian. In a split second, a bright flash exploded from the sphere, englufing the battlefield and blinding the Rathian. For now.

“Flash bomb. Nice one Mu!” Raisha gave the thumbs up.

Though distraught, this did not meant that the confused creature was helpless. A few tail swipes and bites could still do them damage.

Raisha & Musica took the moment to deal as much damaged to its carapace.

“Watch where your swinging that Raisha!”

Raisha’s Eternal Annihilator was swinging wildly in an attempt to hit its weak spot.  

“Sorry Mu, not used to…”

Rathian’s random tail swipe narrowly misses Raisha but in the process, sent the broad side of his Great Sword in an upward direction which hits Musica.”

“mmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmm!!!”  Musica screached as he was sent soaring throw the air.

“Sorry! My bad!”

It didnt take long for the injured wyvern to snap out of its daze before flying for the hills in with a limp-like walk.

This gave the duo the final moral boost they needed to finish the job.

“You okay Mu?” Raisha helped his overturned friend up.

“Imma gonna carve YOUR voice box out…” Musica glared.

“Heh… Oh…”

-Blue Sky, Pink Earth

Adapted from Chronicle VI, Raisha & Musica: Freedom

Submitted my PRSP assignment tday, but still yet to be interviewed by the teacher for originality. Darn. On the off hand at least i pulled through. After that Me, Renga and Jessie hanged out tampines mall for awhile to get some supplies for our visual lit. After that we went for an ice cream. Jess was like trying to look for textures all over the place while Renga with his sore throat couldnt take any ice cream at all. lolz. Nya, the place was freezing. How ironic. XD

Next on the agenda, CMSK quiz and WDS proposal.

I found an old song on my comp, ‘At the Beginning’ and was suddenly reminded of her. I dunno why..

Oh wells.



~ by Raisha on July 8, 2008.

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