The Trials

“There’s nothing wrong with fear. You need not be ashamed of it, as long as it doesn’t stop you from functioning.

Fear is your natural warning system; it keeps you alive so that you can fight. Show me a warrior who isn’t afraid, and I’ll show you a fool who’s a danger to his entire guild.

And I do not tolerate fools in my guild.

Other than that, you can just call me Noxide.”

-Yan Nu She, addressing the new intake at Chosen

Adapted from Chronicle III, Raisha & Musica: Orient Expedition

Burdenising.. Went for the PRSP evaluation tday. I thought things would turn out well after surviving my interview, but now Im abt to face charges of plagarism on tuesday for some dam coincedence of me and my Renga’s work. Bah..

Felt super depressed for getting Renga involved even though he’s the innocent party. Luckily Renga managed to knock some sense into me and i felt abit better. Looks like the real struggle for stability is abt to begin.. Josh was there as well so at least it wasnt all that bad.

Nothing much other than that. I finally got bak my thumbdrive and Josh helped me install the patched MHF2G and hacks. Getting used to it, but not used to being noob again. lolz..

Tmr, bullcrap again. but at least it wun be so bad. Tuesday, the verdict..

For now, im jus gonna shrivel up on my bed..



~ by Raisha on July 10, 2008.

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