“You know what makes you especially effective? It’s not because you are physically superior and intensively trained. And it’s not because you obey orders without question. It’s because you are prepared to kill every time.

Only one percent of Midgardians are prepared to kill, and less than a quarter of ordinary Knights or Crusaders, even under attack.”

-Assassin Cross, Verneon Aun, lecturing Musica on combat psychology

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Musica: The Ragnarok Chronicles

Got to speak more of the Word tday. My pastor says i hav to add more feel/emotion to my talk. He has a point. lolz.  Dad manage to buy a new laptop tday! Thx dad! Gonna giv it a test run the day after once its charged. This is gonna revolution the way i work/play! XD

Yesterday Josh came over and played a few rounds of CNC Kanes Wrath. Even after all this time, looks like we still hav what it takes to pull off a sweet Mothership Tactic! Didnt seem like would win at 1st especially when the 1st strike failed. But with Josh’s quick wits and a hell lot of luck, we sent a catalyst of destruction rite bak to the enemy,into the shroud of mystery (where we had to wait..) and into the zombie infested sewers. Feel the wrath of mah’ giant hoe!

Nothing else much tday. PRSP assignment 1 redone (redone?… =.= ) and sent to Mr Choy… Tmr is theres a class test on boolean algebra. Im sure i can pass it this time round! >=)

Manage to help Renga pull through his time of trials. Looks like im repaying the favour. XD Nya! Dun wry to much and settle one problem at a time. Those problems that are not essential at this time of our lives, DISCARD em’! NYA!

Other than that, tmrs gonna be a mystery.



~ by Raisha on July 13, 2008.

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