Silent Stronghold

“What better way to learn about relationship problems than from the very person who does not have one.

Oh look! There he is right there! It’s Musica Faithlight!”

-Raisha on Skalid’s problems with females

 Adapted from Chronicle VII, Raisha & Musica: The Shadow of Nevareth

Tmr theres alot to do and very little time to do it. Due this week is our cmsy case study, vis lit assignment and wds evaluation (one order of website over easy comming up..). Time aint comming cheap so every bit of it is gonna count. lolz

The day before me and Renga and Josh went to check out the infamous Red House at Loyang Terrace. Wat i find freaky is that the place has changed alot since the last time i was there. The dirt path is gone, and the place jus looks more… creepy. Alot of speculations were made abt that place and even though we Renga was enthusiatic abt getting in, we couldnt cos the gate was padlocked shut and barbed wires raised the walls.

No true sightings other than that. WE did managed to capture a pic of a white ‘thing’ (pillow?) that was present in two of the pictures of the house door that we took and gone when we took third pic. Our speculation? Probably a plastic bag that was blown away by the wind. Will upload the pics in my next post. Josh was pretty psyched out when we passed by the compund on th way off at around 7+pm. Something jus kept his eyes transfixed on the area on pic 3. Luckily we knew nothing followed us back. Shadows within the shadows? Josh felt better after we were a distance from the area.

Renga came over to my church tday. Told me he enjoyed the sermon. =) After that we went to get meself a laptop bag.

Tmr we resume tis cunning battle. Until then.



~ by Raisha on July 20, 2008.

One Response to “Silent Stronghold”

  1. hmm…oh well~ eh ask Renga to come again this coming sunday…i will most PROBABLY go to ur church…

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