Gorgeous!~ Very wonderful taste! Like bread covered with thick mackerel jam whose texture is as smooooth as a Prince on a white horse!~

This is the epitome of bee~yoo~tiful dreams and fantazzies!!”

-Andre Janzur commenting on Holy Water from the Al Queit Moreza

Adapted from Chronicle V, Raisha & Muisca: Sword of the New World

Yesterday me and most of the class went to Pulau Tekong for some informative excursion on NS. lolz Funny. XD Got to try out the IMT (virtual shoot-out lol), field rations (which weren’t half bad) and camoflauge  face paint. lolz.

Tday was our CMSY case study presentation. Manage to fair pretty well if u ask me. At least now there one least project to work on.

After that Me, CF, Renga and Jessie went to Century Square for dinner. Talked alot of crap (Jess and Renga stole my ‘commarades’ [Do something CF!] !) and after that Me & CF went Gundam hunting. At least now i know where to find 1/144s should i ever need any. =)

Tmr another packed day with quite an event. lolz



~ by Raisha on July 24, 2008.

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