This’ Cunning War

“A women’s maturity is determined by the size of her bossom. Nothing more, nothing less.”

-Philosophy of Raisha

Adapted from Chronicle IV, Raisha & Musica: Europe Escapade


Pulua Tekong trip. Pretty pathetic ride, but quite an intresting trip overall. Field rations are suprisingly tasty for something that can last NINE YEARS. lol! 

Sad case for anyone who got one on its 9th year… XD


Social Ettiquete course. At least now i noe that in orange im a confident independent freak! XD Learnt some table manners that would play an intresting role in the future.

Went to celebrate Jessie’s bday! We met up at Tampines Mall and had a birthday cake for her. I personally gave her an manga-ish drawing of her. XD Im glad i got all the details rite. hahas. Not exactly in the likness of the real deal. Yea i noe, the real deal is alot more cuter looking. XD =x

Went to KFC for lunch after that.

The future is now. XD Gay arses no doubt. lolz


Managed to get a schedule for all that is needed for the week and the next. Dam its alot… Lab test is next tuesday, so gotta cram as much as possible asap.. lolz.

Well, i hav faith that we can pull through together. All we ned is a little elbow grease…..and alot of luck.

The war continues..

Be strong and take your stand, for victory will soon be at hand.



~ by Raisha on July 28, 2008.

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