1/144 HG Kerberos BuCue Hound Review 1

“Change is inevitable…  Except in vending machines.”
-Philosophy of Raisha
Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of The World Tree
Went to Phyllis’s house to celebrate her birthday. Alot of her friends and relatives showed up. Joshua had a skit practice going on so he joined us abit later on. lolz Funny day, played some games such as ‘Project Phyllis’ (wtfreak?…) where u have 3 teams dressing up one member of their team in a makeshift outfit which is made of paper and tape! lolz (i dawned myself a paper Rathalos Armour, which looked like crap.) XD
I will be trying to get the photos from Josh and post em’ up when i can. Me and josh shared the cost and bought Phyllis a photo frame. Originally we wanted to get her a stuffie but it was like so expensive. Then we wanted to settle for a model ‘Zero’ Fighter plane which matched her personality (basically, omen of war lol) but it looked like crap.  Other gift ideas was a McDonald happy meal and a $1 mentos pack. lolz How cheap can we get? XD




Other than tat it was a fun day. Got to tau pok a whole bunch of people! lolz and Phyllis taught her little cousin how to kick people! ITS SOOOOO CUTE WHEN SHE DOES IT!


Finally the week is over! All the major projects and assignments are done and out. All tats left is the tests tat are upcoming next week.

Recently i purchased a HG 1/144 Kerberos BuCue Hound. Pretty sweet looking model. the 1st model i’ve encountered that uses wires as part of the unit itself. (the wires go through the necks of the Kerberos and Kerberos Wizard pack to giv it its articulation). Not a bad unit to get if u ask me. Comes with decals as well which u can paste anywhere on the unit.
Kerberos treaded mode

Kerberos treaded mode

Kerberos quadruped mode

Kerberos quadruped mode

Next model on my list is the 1/144 HG Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey custom) and maybe the 1/144 Slash Zaku Phantom. Im pretty certain the Wizard packs are compatible for all 3 units and would be pretty interesting to see.

Ultimately, i would rate this model a 4/5.

Interesting design concept and full of poseablility. Theres also a good deal of extra stuff to add on to it plus it has an awesome amount of beam saber blades for its heads!

Also, Singapore finally won the silver for the Olympic games womens table tennis final. We got seriously owned by China. XD Oh well better than nothing i guess. =)

Anyways, tmr preparations begin for the biggest battle of them all. Study hard and good luck to all my friends taking exams (especially u Josh) you’ll need it. XD hahas.



~ by Raisha on August 17, 2008.

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