The thieves faded away knowing that the duo were within the safety of the city boundaries.

“Damn… That was harder than I thought.” Raisha gasped.

“Alrite, all those in favor of resuming this trade run until Noxide returns, say ‘Aye’.” Musica wheezed.


“Then its settled.”

-The Greatest Trade Run Part 1

Adapted from Chronicle III, Raisha & Musica: The Orient Expedition

Happy birthday Avril!!! ^^ You’d better relish every single bit of that chocolate I gave you! XD

Tday is the 1st part of the cmsy revision lecture. In total we only hav two exams to sit for. The Cmaths exam this Friday and the cmsy one on  Monday. If we study hard enough, I feel it will be a snitch. =)

With everything going on now, things hav become rather hectic even with the ‘week’ over lolz. I will be praying for everyone of us. Josh, my poly frens and especially some people. Have faith in ur abilities and don’t be discouraged. Trust each other Nya?  and YOU BETTER STUDY HARD JOSH, IF YOU VALUE UR HAIR! XD

‘Now then you noe ah? Rite bak at ya.’   =)



~ by Raisha on August 18, 2008.

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