Hishoku no Sora

“It appears the time has finally come. The bloodstained scales of the red dragon have graced the earth once again in flaming glory. If you can stop this beast, it will mark the end of the age of calamity.”

-Scarlet Mystery Man

Adapted from Chronicle VIII, Raisha & Musica: Frontier

lolz! Dun mind the title. Its the title of the song i’ve been listening too recently. The OP for the anime series “Shakugan no Shana”.

Dam, shouldnt hav missed so many of the episodes. lolz..


Its the end of the four days of work as a PC/Laptop salesman at the Comex Convention at Suntec City. The 1st day was a pain! Didnt make any sales at all! Couldnt wait for the day to end. Luckily i at least had some customers for the rest of the job. Oh wells. In the end i manage to sell 8 cpu/laptops. Not bad, for a first timer. lolz


Went over to Joshua’s church for ‘Sow & Reap (soul & RIP? lolz)’ to see the skit he was soooo excited to be in. =) Before that i helped out with the games in the church for the kids. Wow, its like tiring stuff man! And i realized Josh has Domophobia. Strangely.  XD

I saw how the skit was like by the video he sent me beforehand, but the actual thing… Was amazing! Simply beautiful! Almost flawless if i might say so myself. Rest assured with such a play like this, u will definetly get ur spot during the upcomming Rheme Conference. =D

One Act to save em’ all!


* i think

Went back to Chai Chee Secondary to collect my testimonial with Hong Peng and Joanna. Glad to see that the school used its resources for something gd. lolz Ah beng proof computers, glass walls for students to throw stones at in the library and not-so-ah beng proof tablechairs. XD hahas.

After that we went around the Siglap region to hav lunch.

Alot of bullcrap jokes allround. XD


Tday was my 1st java lesson by a tuiton teacher my dad found off the classified ads. Not bad, this could mark the start of an java improvement.

Thats all for tday. Will do a review for the HG 1/144 Slash Kerberos (yes folks, with the slash wizard!) tmr.

Until then,



~ by Raisha on September 5, 2008.

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