1/144 HG Kerberos BuCue Hound Review 2

“The combined strength of the Hunter’s Guild has successfully cornered an Akantor in the Volcanic Belt. Now all that is left is to slay the beast, a task for only the most valiant.”

-Guild Master
Adapted from Chronicle VI, Raisha & Muisca: Freedom
Just got back from the ODDinary camp at Bukit Gombak. Quite a show if i might say so myself.
Left me wondering alot of things to think about, but overall it was fun and met alot of friends. =)
Went out to Marina Square to check out some Gundam Models (the Murasame and Gouf Ignited seem to appeal to me) and find a gift for Renga’s bday. Quite a few mishaps happened along the way. Broke a accessory box a gift shop (luckily i didn’t have to pay it lol), and accidentally brought out a shirt from a store. Apparently no one noticed me take out and no on even notice me put it bak! The rest were pretty minor dropped some stuff. yea. XD  At least now i know where a particular shoe shop is, and Dino, u didn’t see anything!
Now i shall do a small review for the HG 1/144 Kerberos Bucue Hound customs.
Slash Kerberos Bucue

Slash Kerberos Bucue

Slash Wizard Pack upclose

Slash Wizard Pack upclose

Not bad equipment if i might say so myself. Because of the design of the Kerberos, the back connector doesn’t really allow full rotation of the Wizard packs. Eventually u will be blocked of by either the top of its leg or the sharp pointy end of its wing engine’s rear.
The Slash Wizard pack is acquired from the NG 1/144 Slash Zaku Phantom. I personally bought it just for the pack lolz. Surprisingly though it lacks the peg which is supposed to go into the hole at the back of the Kerberos, its still fits on pretty snugly. However, the main problem (other than the fact that its pure teal) is that removing it. Especially if u pushed it in real hard. While its easy to put on, its actually quite hard to remove without accidentally dislodging the back connector. For me i just mildy stick it on. Quite good looking if u ask me though the colors are just abit messed up. =)
Blaze kerberos bucue

Blaze kerberos bucue

Blaze Kerberos Wizard unleashed!

Blaze Kerberos Wizard unleashed!

Blaze Wizard Pack upclose

Blaze Wizard Pack upclose

The Blaze Wizard however is a different story. As stated in the instruction booklet, the pack is compatible with the unit so as i found out, putting it on and taking it out wasn’t a problem at all. Looks pretty bulky but its balanced out quite well. Color-wise, the compatibility makes it pretty good looking. The blaze Wizard is acquired from the 1/144 HG Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel custom). The model’s rating is in the previous few posts or in this case, below.
Tmr i will be uploading the next batch of pics of it with the other Wizard packs attached. Stay tuned!



~ by Raisha on September 21, 2008.

One Response to “1/144 HG Kerberos BuCue Hound Review 2”

  1. The Keberos is an awesome baby with the Slash pack on. Zoids!!!!!

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