1/144 HG Blaze Zaku Phantom – Rey Za Burrel custom Review

“What do u call a Hyeongcheon with one brain cell?


-Pun of Musica

Adapted from Chronicle III, Raisha & Musica: Orient Expedition

lolz, for those who don’t know, Hyeongcheon‘s are headless stone statues from the game Silkroad Online that go around whacking unsuspecting wanderers with their stone clubs.  They deal high damage to users of equal level to it and sport high defense. However one good news is that they are really slow and they dun have much of a stamina to keep chasing. Apparently they aren’t that smart either. lolz

I just came back from Taiwan (or Nor Iat in this case. lolz) on Tuesday. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t many good looking chicks over there. There are a good handful, but most of em’… Okay, all of em’ speak Chinese. Went to alot of iconic landmarks and places and got to see/experience new stuff. Night markets still bore me out abit. Wanted to buy a wooden sword back home, but i figured it wouldn’t make it past the customs. Will be uploading some photos soon. =)

Anyways yesterday i dropped by at Josh’s place to past him some gifts from Taiwan. I got him a pretty little chunk of Rose Quartz in the shape of a teardrop. I remembered he liked Quartz…. and pink. XD

We hanged out awhile at his place PSPing before heading to Funan IT mall at City Hall later to collect our loooong delayed pay for working at the Comex convention at the PC Connect shop. They gave us our initial sum at the beginning, but up to this point the commission hadn’t been worked out yet, so we had to wait like another 3-4hrs before everything was finally settled and we were stinking rich again. In the process i bored out my mei, whom i met earlier that afternoon and patiently waited with me all that time before meeting with her friends. lolz Sorry abt tat! >.<  I swear me and Josh were gonna kill em’ if they delayed it any longer!!!

Back to the MS reviews. Today will be on the 1/144 HG Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel custom) and it eqipped with other Wizard packs

Slash Zaku Phantom

Slash Zaku Phantom

The Slash Wizard Pack, as with the Kerberos was taken from the 1/144 NG Slash Zaku Phantom. It looks pretty good other than the clashing colours. The major prob with this is that the beam polearm is much shorter than the what it actually should be.

The Wizard Pack fits on rather snugly and comes off much more easily than on the Kerberos. Once again, the Slash Wizard doesn’t have a peg to fit into the hole at the back of the Zaku unlike the other Packs. The Hydra cannon’s barrels are capable of tilting independently.

Kerberos Zaku Phantom

Kerberos Zaku Phantom

Three beam rifles are better than one!

Three beam rifles are better than one!

As expected the Kerberos Wizard fits on nicely to the back of Zaku without any complaints. =)

What makes it so nice is that the colours on their own are already very matching. Another option is pairing the Stargazer 1/144 HG Kerberos with the Dearka’s Blaze Zaku Phantom since both units are already black. However the only problem is that the Kerberos and the Zaku have to different variations of black which may clash when configured as seen above. Therefore this would be a more appropriate pairing for those who don’t wish to custom paint their units.

No major problems with this config. The heads are able to swivel almost anywhere they want. the Zaku’s shoulder shields may obstruct the heads sometimes, but facing the heads forward wont pose much difficulty.

Blaze Zaku Phantom

Blaze Zaku Phantom

Imma firin' my weapons!

Imma firin' my weapons!

Now with its original configurations, the Zaku, is a pretty sweet looking model. The only grunt to ever make it to the 1/100 scale and used by so many characters in the series.

Very little problems occur with this Pack on. However as usual, the shoulder shields may get in the way when posing with the missile pods opened and may not wind up even (especially with the above pose ^ ).
Use caution! The beam rifle is capable of being stored on the back of the Zaku. However…
…The only thing disappointing is the beam axes.
The beam axes unlike many models, is a solid black piece. Theres no translucent pink beam to slide onto it like a beam saber, and theres absoulutely no way of storing it in the model’s shoulder shields unlike it SD counterparts. This all the more makes it look crappy when it is hand-holding it.
Other than that its pretty gd looking for a 1/144. =)
Overall i rate it a 3/5
Despite its decent flexibility and accessories, it is hindered by its troublesome shoulder shields which ultimately makes getting those good poses a difficulty.
School starts on the 20th October once again. Gonna enjoy the last bit of the holiday while it lasts.
Until then,


~ by Raisha on October 11, 2008.

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