Revived Battle

“A Barlogs attack is capable of cutting through the Dark Side like a hot knife on butter.

So don’t even think about jumping around the deck when it shows up.”

-A Victorian/Ossyrian travel advice

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

Quite a long day. Me and Hong Peng (Hp) went to watch the gala premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year at Vivo City while at the same time trying to score with the ladies there even though its not saturday nite. XD 

Im impressed, it was quite fun to watch. I’ve seen the 1st HSM and its sequal before and i enjoyed them alot. Movie number 3 was definetly a ‘Grand slam’ if i might say so myself. =)  If your a fan of the series or you like dance, choreography and singing, or jus love seeing Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens get romantical with each other, than this the show for you. Its full of laughs and a mus watch for all ages. =D

The only downfalls of the show? None actually. Alot of songs actually. Its amazing that most of the story is told via the songs and dance rather than by actual acting and drama. If ya wanna noe when a big song is comming in the middle of the show, jus listen when the background music suddenly gets louder. lolz

So wats HSM3 about this time round?  Now high school seniors, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are facing the prospect of being separated from each other as they go off in different directions when graduating from East High. Joined by the rest of their Wildcat friends, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about the future.

Will Troy and Gabriella be seperated in the end? Unlikely, seeing as this is part romance movie. But u gotta watch it to truely appreciate it. XD

If u mus be wondering how i got to watch the preview eh? Well it was probably luck. Okay, God’s blessing on me. XD Hp had won to tickets from the forum Nuffnang. Originally he and his cousin were to go for it, but at the last moment his cousin couldnt make it and i was second on the list. lolz As u could call it, the Chosen One. hahas, thx man!

Anyway, after that me and Hp had dinner at BK (worlds largest fry) and went off after that due to preperation tat were needed to be made for school tmr. Yes folks school starts again tmr for us and with a whole new timetable to go with it.

A new start, hopefully without any new problems..



~ by Raisha on October 19, 2008.

One Response to “Revived Battle”

  1. haha, is fate , not luck! ~
    anyway, nice movie !

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