Sucky, Sucky!~

“Whats the difference between a Heretic and a seaslug?

One is a dirty, bottom-dwelling scavenger.

The other… is a slug.”

-Pun of Musica

Adapted from Chronicle VII, Raisha & Musica: The Shadow of Nevareth

…goes the enemy units as they get sucked into outer space by the Soviets magnetic satelite, only to get dropped back to earth in a blazing trail as the player goes; satelite, satelite, tank, tank, satelite, ship, satelite, tank, ship, etc. XD

Behold, thats what u can expect ingame by the Soviets in C&C Red Alert 3 (RA3)!

Just got it tday after school. The RA3 Premier edition~! (Told ya so, jus didnt quite say it. XD)

On monday me and Josh went for the RA3 Launch event, but unfortunetly there was no tournament!!! (at least we got some pics taken lolz)


And we made an almost fool-proof plan to scrap the competition! T.T

Oh wells, should be able to try it properly during the weekend.

Until then.



~ by Raisha on October 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sucky, Sucky!~”

  1. yo kirby, here i comment you! did u receive? if got, reply me in my blog tag box! ahahahha

  2. hmmm difference between a heretic and a slug u say? xD

  3. wad about a heretic and a park bench? hahaha

  4. One can support a family, the other cant. XD lolz!!!
    Yowza Hp!!! ^^

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