Break of the World

“The Heretics have regrouped themselves and made their way towards the east.

God knows where they are taking or what they are going to do with that Eye of Fire!”

-El Nath Wiseman.

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

Alright, alot of things have blown over but i dont wish to go into full detail or discuss it either.


Went with Jessie and Jacintha to the KFC near Josh’s house to work on our CMSK report. Apparently we didnt get far as we were constantly distracted, either by recent gossip or our own electronic gadgets (200+ songs i think?) lolz. 

Josh dropped by later and we had a few rounds of Rengou vs ZAFT (Josh didnt get the gd units lolz) and once again i was distracted from my work. The gals were messing with their hp cameras and took pics of us looking like duds. Typical. XD

After that we just hanged out at a nearby playground. Found out that i still had wat it takes to do pull-ups, and jessia taught Josh a thing or two abt the violin. hahas.

Finally we went to jacintha’s place were we almost became pooch chow. She had to small doggies! Suuuure, they were dying to make us their chew toys at first, but they soon warmed up to our presence and once again i almost got doggy-humped lolz..

Went bak after that, with alot in mind, but at least the report was the least of my probs. XD


Tday was pretty short. Jus CMSK and no APEL. Went with Isaac to Kaiser’s (dam, i forgot his real name)  place to do a group battle in MHP2G. Helped him get to HR3. w00t! Grats man, but alot battles still await ya!  Was tempted by the smell of food cooking in the kitchen. lolz Thank God for Liping and his bacon chips to save the day! XD Btw, congrats Mr Obama! ^^

Even though i havent completed what i had to say, i figure its the end of this battle for now. No, not the war. Just the battle. To the ‘victims’, cheer up! Its not ur fault at all. =)

Got a prob? Look me up.



~ by Raisha on November 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Break of the World”

  1. hey yo~! how ur master piece in drawing my layout?? hahaha

  2. yo kirb…sry man, had to remove the part about u in my recent post…cuz i tink it might seem abit too “emo” and tats jus not really me rite now xD

  3. lols, okay! haha, cant wait to see that drawing man xD ^^

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