Civil Perplexity

“Why is it called a minigun?

Its not that small.”

-Anonymous Gunslinger

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Muisca: The Ragnarok Chronicles

Wow, its been awhile since this update. Alot has happened since the last post till now that i cant even remember every issue. On one hand, im wiping my hands off this war. Firstly its so problematic to keep track of that its worse than remembering the One Year War in a book! And i’d rather remember the war than this. Secondly, i cant giv a dam abt it anymore. lolz..

Anyway, most of the main assignments are done and now is one the few times i can rest on a friday night. But i noe physical rest is only temporary and can only go so far. Unfortunetly alot of people are lacking that spititual rest that is eternal. Thank God i hav that rest and i can feel gd no matter what im doing or how down the situation may be.

The battle is over, but tensions still remain hot amongst many. I noe that it wont last long. I noe we will regain that peace we once sought for. Ever since the start of it all i constantly prayed for an end to this or at most, a solution. My faith stands strong, but it will take the faith and efforts of those around us to put an end to the conflicts.

Jus like with a real war, the people that mostly suffer are the victims. In this case the people caught in the middle of it all, and are forced to take sides unwillingly. Propaganda is spread and efforts to rally many to different causes grow. But its gd to noe that there are some people who areant brainwashed easily and areant afraid to take the stand of neutrility despite all this. I admire these people. As for the victims, the traumatised, i stand by u no matter how long this war has to go on. As i said before, my prayers and faith in you can only go so far. I can help you up constantly should you fall. But in the end, the real stand is to be taken by u. I’ve seen you fall despite the advice from my spirit. Im glad you survived, but will it be for long?

The real stand, is to be strong on what you noe is right and not what u think is right.  The real strength has to come from within ur spirit. You hav to believe, not jus in urself, but in the holy spirit God has placed in you. Only then can you find a peace in ur heart that is forever and a wisdom of sight capable of avoiding obstacles in ur path.

I can teach u this ability, but i’ll ned ur trust. Absolute trust. =)

Tmr night i’ll most likely be updating again and at the same time do a review on the 1/144 Gouf Ignited (Yzak Joule custom) but till then i ned to improve my spiritual standings. As long as the fighting hasnt ended, i will be standing alongside my commrades in defence. And protecting the victims as well.

I’ll be there to protect u. Always.



~ by Raisha on November 21, 2008.

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