Overseer of the Ancients

“Think of yourselves as a hand each. Each of your attributes is a finger, and without each other you’re useless. Alone a finger cant grasp, or control, or form a fist. You are both nothing on your own but everything together.”

-Valkyrie Orek

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Musica: The Ragnarok Chronicles

On of the few times i update after another. XD

First things first, protocol.

Stronghold Defences: Idle, Standby

Powerplant Output: 98% Charge

Reactor Tempertaure: Unchanged

Mobile Suit Status: Maintenance Complete

Mothership Status: Maintenance Complete

Crew Count: Unchanged

Factory Conditions: Stable

Threat Level: Low

Good, everythings well under way.

The war is over. At long last. To be honest i rather say this battle is over. 

Recently i met up with Pastor Yew Kwong at his office. After my leaving almost a decade ago, i rejoined the services of Faith Family Chruch, the true place of my orgin. Still being held at Grand Plaza Park Hotel (opposite Funan IT mall) its bringed back alot of memories from my childhood such as grabbing apples from the counter on the 1st floor after the service (okay so perhaps tats the only prominent memory..).  I was welcomed back by the ranks of the youth who were originally from the children service jus like me. Many of them hav changed radically though some of the names/faces hav changed radically. Thankfully they were glad to welcome back a former commrade in arms and im grateful for that (and the fact many still remember me lol).  But to be back at Faith Family is like being reunited with an ol’ friend.

Suprising to know that their office was right opposite City Hall mrt. No kiddin’! And its a big space i must say, complete with their own fun room, disscusion boards and a Nintendo Wii (will put MHF3 in it XD). Pastor Yew Kwong took it into his part to pray for me and my bro’s well being. With my sudden self revelation early in semester 2, i knew this would be an important step for many things to come. Its good to know the lives of some people are going to change. =D

For now peace talks will hav to suffice. Hopefully no one profits from war. But im certain it will turn out well, so no one wry. =)

Unfortunetly to dissapoint you, the Gouf Ignited review will hav to wait for now owing to the fact that my dads camera is experiencing technical issues. lolz

However the stronghold’s log tells me that my counterpart from the 7th Hangerbay has returned from the  AFA ‘08 held at Suntec city. You can check out more of the juicy info at http://thehangerbay.wordpress.com/ though i daresay the pics could hav alot better. But hey, its better than nothing. The Destroy Gundam model was really a thing of awe.

Well, until then may peace be amongst us till the end.



~ by Raisha on November 23, 2008.

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