TERMester Victory

“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” Skalid sputtered.

“Well good, cos’ we’re about to face a whole graveyard full of them!”

-Sword of the Shade

Adapted from Chronicle VII, Raisha & Musica: The Shadow of Nevareth

Woot! The exams are finally over! I believe i’ll survive this one for sure.

Anyway, now tat the exams are over i can finally have some time off for myself. Yessireee. Probably finish off those drawings that are due and play some CNC3/RA3.

Not much to write seeing as everything to say was in the log below. After the test me, CF, Willy and Yzak went down to the labs to play some dota and warcraft. Wasnt use to the controls, but managed to survive decently through the course of the game. Thank goodness the enemy AI’s didnt target me at all (until the last part, bloody beetle..). Basically i let the others do the heavy work while i jus joined the paparazzi. xD

Rhema 2008 is jus around the corner and i prayed that Jessica’s parents will hav a change in heart and let her join in. Otherwise the Saltshakers will be in abit of a sticky as she plays a vital role. Role in what u ask? Ah-ha! Ur gonna have to join in to find out. Either way the, show must go on.

Pretty short update as afore-mentioned. Got alot to do and very little time to do it. May God help us all.



~ by Raisha on December 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “TERMester Victory”

  1. Red Alert 3 rules.. less work, more play!!

  2. ABBOUT TIME UR GONNA RA3!! the battlefeld aint gonna wait there 4ever ya know? xD but btw i promised to fast from com games till Jessica sends word tat she can make it for rhema 08 =( so hope it would be soon AHAHA

  3. btw by any chance the bloody beetle ur refering to…isit the nerubian assasin? the huge fat purple one?

  4. No, he was referring to the Carrion Beetle, those annoying minions the Crypt Lord spits out of its ass. XD

    I believe they appear in DOTA as carrier animals.

  5. oooo
    those thingys…dota SHOULD have them if im not wrong…hahaha

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