Rhema Conference

“Violence is not the answer to a problem. However it is a good alternative…”

-Dragon Knight Gracey

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

Tmr i’ll be setting off to assist the commitee as part of the logistics team for Rhema Conference 2008. Yes folks, the magic day has finally come…again.

However im taking a rather dicey choice going with the team again this year. With two major assignments to finish before the New Year, the four days that i will be away could actually be used to complate something. But im not worried. My God shall supply all my needs. Even if its time i need. The next most viable time slot will be next friday. Its then or never.

Im in the midst of packing my boot leggings.. i mean.. clothes and stuff. It’ll be quite an interesting gathering this year with lots of fun packed activities and talks. If im gonna miss out my school work, the least i can do to make it worthwhile is to gain something spiritually from these four days.

The committee has done alot to get things going this far. Must have been hard on you guys. Now its up to us to get this show on the road.

Oh yea,  today i purchased the no grade 1/144 Launcher Strike Gundam. The main reason was to test the Launcher outlet on my Slaughter Dagger. The big question is:  Is it compatible?

Answer when i get back on thursday. =P

Until then,



~ by Raisha on December 13, 2008.

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