The Tasks at Hand

“So whats your resolution for the new year?” Musica asked.

“Me? Hmm… Bring about stronger ties between the two families, master the art of Blandir Cruz and learn the secret to Panfilo’s cheesecake.”

“Wow, thats alot of resolutions at hand. You sure you can accomplish all that in a year? I mean you do take two years to do one.”

“Okay wise guy, what’s your resolution then?” Raisha asked looking slightly annoyed.

“Explore the ends of Granado Espada, stop the Dark Lord and do it with a girl”. replied a satisfied Musica.

Raisha gave a slighly disoriented look at Musica.

“You do realise I was just joking about the last one right?”

“You were? Oh, right, thats good.”

“Yea… I plan to do it with five girls. At the same time.”

-Along Came a Family

Adapted from Chronicle V, Raisha & Musica: Sword of the New World

Fortunetly for us, our good protaganist didnt manage to accomplish the latter… Yet.

lolz, anyway the holidays are over. Apparently my PSP got confiscated but hey, this might jus work to my advantage. Now i hav more time to focus on things that need to be done more effectively.

However, with one gone, another takes its place… GRANADO ESPADA!!! No, im not addicted to GE the same way i ‘was’ to mah portable entertainment system. Luckily you cant carry GE everywhere you go, otherwise the the above situation would hav been redundunt.

Back down to business, the new term has begun here at Tp. New assignments are comming in with old ones to haunt us again. Getting em’ done one by one with only oopg as the current brunt of the burdens.

2008? Well, lets see. The year i joined the ranks of tertiary education. Was it worth it? Yup. Did you realize wat was going to come next? Hell no. lolz. Yea, but with everything up to this point, theres certainly no turning back. Sure, there will be trials, problems, the occasional thug causing more trouble and did i mention trials?… But either way putting it behind us and moving on is the only way to assure victory. At least thats what im gonna do.

Not much of a new year resolution if u ask me (like i ever stuck to them before…) even though i’ve been thinking of a hefty lot. But i feel i should get something done.

This years resolution? Get as much excercise as i can (or aka finding a CCA), learn to play the guitar, improve my spiritual standing with God, and score with the ladies. The latter not being a serious resolution. lol

1/144 HG Saviour Gundam review comming real soon so hang tight!



~ by Raisha on January 5, 2009.

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