Saint of Swords

 “Your supposed to be a field Cleric! Not a I’m-just-gonna-sit-around-and-wait-for-people-to-come-to-me-in-my-mini-base Cleric.”

 -Raisha commenting on Musica’s ways of healing.

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

 Apparently im act like a 13-year old kid.

No kidding! Snagged this from Josh’s blog. Try it out. XD

Anyway, tday marks the end of one of the most hectic 2 weeks i’ve ever been on. The next few assignments are nocely spaced apart with reasonable amounts of time to go about. Right now im jus tying up some lose ends and finding house remedies to bad sunburn.

How did i get a sunburn u ask? Simple. The sun. DUH.

lolz, hahas theres more to that actually. XD  A few days back i was at sentosa celebrating  Phoebe’s bday. So basically we were bare-topped (me, Josh and Corne) on the beach for almost the whole day WITHOUT sunblock. The result? 3 guys a little on the crispy side, but will survive. I doubt the gals got one cos they had their shirts on (duh once again). At least now i feel alot better than before. Though the shirt rims still feel like they’re cutting through my back.

Tmr Josh will be helping to wipe the slate of my laptop cleeeeean. Yup, considering that i find my Windows Vista OS to begin with. If all goes well after that, it’ll be off to Left 4 Dead for some mindless tag-team zombie slayin’ with a dash of battle humour. Okay, maybe abit more than just a dash. XD

Well, Chinese New Year is jus round the weekend. Which means abit more bounty for our resource banks. XD Alot of cleaning/sorting out to do in the studyroom with very little time to do it.

Personal to-do list: 

– Get the pics for the HG 1/144 Saviour Gundam up and running.

– Sort out old worksheets and papers in the ‘deck’.

– Fine tune Silent Stronghold (story, dead links and all…).

– Decide whether to return back to Deviant Art.

– If the previous is a ‘yes’ then finish all those dangnabit sketches! Double time!!!



~ by Raisha on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Saint of Swords”

  1. So… I took the test… and it told me that I was a 17-yr-old at heart… is that good or bad? XD

  2. Happy Chinese new year kirby!!! =)

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