1/144 HG Saviour Gundam Review

“A bird in the hand… makes a mess on ur wrist.
What? Its true right?”
-Skalid’s comment
Adapted from Chronicle VII, Raisha & Musica: The Shadow of Nevareth
Its been one of the most tenses weeks I’ve ever been through, and now its finally over.
Thats rite, the assignments/presentations ends here!!!
For now at least.
Anyways, now for the long due Gunpla review.
This time on the list is the 1/144 HG Saviour Gundam!
Armoury 1's long lost brother.

Armoury 1's long lost brother.

Saviour HiMAT mode.

Saviour HiMAT mode.

Unfortunately, i must say i was rather disappointed with this model. Sure its got the looks, but it was extremely buggy here and there and lacked detail that was so obviously needed on certain parts.

The Saviour comes with a beam rifle, its aerodynamical shield and two white beam sabers with two transparent pink beams of equal length. Other armaments are the two beam cannons which are perma fixed onto its back.
Generation of CE compatible.

Generation of CE compatible.

Its alot harder to do than in the anime!

Its alot harder to do than in the anime!

The next best thing from a burst fire.

The next best thing from a burst fire.

As u can see, it can do most of the things you would expect out of the Saviour Gundam. However alot of problems lie between it and a satisfying pose on ur 1/144 action stand.

Firstly, parts which were meant to be lose are very stiff and vice versa. The legs of the unit are very tight. Sure, articulation-wise they allow a great deal of movement and poseability, but the joints to the groin area of it is jus… so… friggen… TIGHT.
Maybe its just to compliment the Saviour’s mobile armour mode, but this is really overdoing it.
Elsewhere, the cannons are extremely lose. I mean they stick on very well, but they swivel easily under the wind and propping it under the arms is rather a big problem as the shoulders have giv ur cannons little space.
The arms… SHIELD!!!!
Secondly is the aerodynamical shield.
Somehow the peg that connects it to the arm is loctaed near the bottom of the shield which disrupts the proportion. Now what u have is the longer segment of the shield protruding through and hitting the beam saber on it shoulder. I heard this was a problem for the 1/100 scale model as well.
Thirdly any part that Bandai was too lazy to make a plastic piece for is replaced by a cheap try-to-paste-me-on-as-accurately-as-you-can-while-hoping-that-i-wont-fall-of-over-time sticker. Point of example are the white/yellow parts on the wings and the yellow piece on the shield. It took abit of dismantling and ALOT of UHU glue to get them on for good.  I don’t see why u have to replace the nice yellow piece on its shield with a STICKER and I swear 80% of the details are comprised of stickers.
Fourth on the list, the beam cannons. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t easy to get the beam cannons under its arms. Not as easy as in the anime cos the bloody shield and shoulders gets in the way as afore mentioned.
Lastly, the beam sabers on the shoulders come off very easily. I cant imagine how many times it came off over the process of getting nice new poses. Its just too lose in the shoulder socket.
This as long with a few others really made me wonder whether i made the right choice buying this model. However it cant be compared with…


Just like in MAHQ.

Just like in MAHQ.

The only redeeming element of this model.

The only redeeming element of this model.

And dear me, its a beauty! I feel its looks so much more better in its MA form  (considering u got past the sticker issue). Pretty big in this form as well. Probably cos the cannon makes up most of the length. The only feature that makes the Saviour a worthwhile model to get.

Transforming it is a relavtively easy with little removing of parts unlike the Murasame 1/144.
Strangely enough the leg issue seems to play a vital role in the transformation because with it, the legs wont seem to go all over the place. I’ve tried holding it by the second leg segments and the tightness prevents the body from sagging over its weight. Really intresting.
However getting the cannons to stay still is still a pendng problem.
Heres the lowdown:

Splendid design.

Badass MA form.

Craptastic joint tightness.


Arrangement of weapons tends to get in the way.

Transformation could be a hassle after awhile.

Overall i would give the Saviour model a 2/5 (sadly)

Despite its MA form bringing up the mark, the MS form was jus to buggy. Perhaps its just my unit, but if you plan to buy this unit, pray that is not as deformed as mine. lolz  Anyway, for those who are intrested in its 100 scale counterpart, C.F has done a review of it on his blog here  http://thehangerbay.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/zgmf-x23s-savior-1100/

The next model i plan to get is the Arios 1/44 HG or the O Raiser 1/144 HG. Lets hope the 00 Gundam models dun suffer the same fate.

Other than that, two major exams upcomming this week so its gonna be a tight one. I’ll probably update after then.



~ by Raisha on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “1/144 HG Saviour Gundam Review”

  1. I guess Bandai was too lazy to redesign everything and just upsized all the parts. :'<

    Point: I changed the title for my post. Now you have less risk of sounding like a Yayoi fanboy. XDDD

  2. Sadly eh? Its such a waste of a perfectly unique model. Oh ya, updated the link. Yayoi isnt my type, MIKI FTW!!!! XD

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