“Carry on my Legacy! And my Shotgun…”

“A plan is only as good as those who see through it.”


Adapted from Chronicle III, Raisha & Musica: Orient Expedition

Man, tday was one heck of a ride. Went out with Josh and church pallies for some evangalistic Left 4 Dead fun at a LAN centre.

And i dare say it was one heck of a battle. Teamed up with two rookies to the L4D series, me and Josh were the main damage dealers while, Phui See, Caleb, Elliot and a 4th dude, were on the opposition.

First up was No Mercy. You could say we were surviving decently at the begining. But we slowly got thrashed later on within the hospital itself. Heck, we didnt even get pass the sewers. They have closets for a reason!!! At least we put up quite a fight. In the end the score ranged at around 2k against 2k++ with us on the losing edge.

The real thrill was during the Butt Blood Harvest versus. Finally our team was on the wining edge! Our two new players were getting warmed up from after the first run and struck hard and heavy on the opposition. Even though we didnt last long enough to see the APC during teh finale as well, at least we lasted longer and had the final score of 2k to 800 to take it with us. A draw overall but well fought by both sides. Nice one guys! =D

After that we went our own ways. Josh accompanied me to Plaza Singapura and later i purchased (luckily but unfortunetly) the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser. More info on tmr’s update where i will do a mini review on wat to expect from these Gunpla kits.

Quite a short update for now, but will add on more tmr. =)

Until then,



~ by Raisha on March 3, 2009.

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