Its a dead Boomer intact!


-Raisha & Musica upon encountering a Constant

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Musica: The Ragnarok Chronicles

Here we go the next simultaneous update. As u can see i finally made the necessary changes to the blog as planned. Links have been updated (old ones changed, broken ones removed), made drastic changes to the Stronghold’s Integrity and apparently still trying to get the crop header feature to work.

Anyways, the major exams (skirmish) is over, and now a time of peace and prosperity is upon us.  For me, im now using the opportunity to brush up on my house keeping skills as well as brushing up on my Gunpla model collection.

CF dropped by Silent Stronghold a few days back with some used mobile suit which he donated for my cause. ^^

So while Me and CF played Junkers sifting through the old 1st generation units which composed of a NG Launcher Strike, Blitz and GuAIZ, i tried to persuade him to sell me the rights for a certain Gundam, but to no avail.  T.T

The mass selection required the 3 units to be stripped down to the core. In the end i managed to salvage a several pieces that might come in handy:

Feet – A whole variety for compatibility at times.

Trikeros offense/defense system – Looks good though its lacking a working beam saber.

Gleipnir rocket anchor – Its a mini ‘mobile armour’ now. 

GuAIZ back thrusters – Might have a compatibility issue. Still, it looks expensive. 

Agni 320mm hyper impulse cannon –Reformatted to an hand-plug type ion cannon. Same configurations. 

Beam Rifles – GuAIZ’s is a little on the torn down side, but very equally magnificent considering its age.

Beam Shields – Salvaged Strike (its not pure red!) and GuAIZ shield.

Head units –Salvaged the heads of all three units. At least i know someone who has the Dreadnought Gundam… 

Should be abt it. After hearing abt a recent intervention at CF’s base, i wonder whether its safe for me to be in possession of these parts… lol

While on the subject as mentioned before, i recently purchased the 1/144 00 Gundam & 0 Raiser as well as the Cherudim Gundam (the latter being the first in the line). I finally have three Gundam 00 units!

Very soon i'll hav my own little Armoury 1.

Very soon i'll hav my own little Armoury 1.

And surprisingly the there are less frame pieces inside the box than in a regular Seed/Destiny model. Also the Cherudim’s box seems to hold a extra special preview.

Rasiel Gundam HG 1/144?

Rasiel Gundam HG 1/144?

My guess is that it will be in stores soon (unless its already there). All that’s left is the Arios and Seravee. The extra units i’ll be getting is the GN Archer and the Seraphim in the near future. Originally i encountered the 0 Raiser at the Comics Connection store at Plaza Singapura. Seeing as how rare it was i purchased it without regret. There was no 00 Gundam in there so me and Josh checked out the newer model stores on the upper levels. Shockingly it wasn’t the appearance of the 1/144 00 Gundam tat startled me but…

Yes folks, do ur Gunpla research or Bandai will cheat you off 5 bucks.

Yes folks, do ur Gunpla research or Bandai will cheat you off 5 bucks.

WTFREAK?!?!!!!! >_<

Yeap, a two in one. And much cheaper than getting it separately. DOU!!! Either way, in the end i was forced to buy the 00 Gundam on its own. Its not the price difference tat worries me, its the fact that now i have another BOX to comprehend. And space is not something i have in my place.

I look forward to constructing these units once their all in the base and reviewing them as well. Until then, i’ll leave things till thursday when my next fencing lesson is! ^^



~ by Raisha on March 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Its a dead Boomer intact!”

  1. Yes, Bandai likes to cheat our money. First they give you the Rasiel, then three months later they give you the Sefer Rasiel. XD

    Maybe you should wait for a Arios + GN Archer set instead of just the Arios?

  2. lolz Might as well wait for the Seravee/Seraphim combo. XD
    I’ll giv them a month if not im getting it. Btw do u think they will hav a Masurao 1/144 HG in the future?

  3. Pretty much guranteed. Probably the Masarao Susanoo too.

  4. […] A damn nice model. Lots of great poses can be achieved from it and as the 00 Raiser, its simply magnificent. However i advise that you get the newer 00 Raiser two in one (designer colors) as it would save you a good 5 bucks. […]

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