“I’ll take on the Bulldrome. You handle the big Conga!”

“No, you take on monkey doodle! PORK CHOPS IS MINE!” shouted Musica.

Prepare too feel the wrath of my meat-shredder!” He screamed.

-Conga-Counter Attack

Adapted from Chronicle VI, Raisha & Musica: Freedom

This is what happens when you put a Congalala, a Bulldrome, Raisha and Musica in the same playing field. Chaos. lol

Went out today to watch Dragonball Evolution with mah bro. Rather gd if i might say so myself.  Simple plot line much like the first Transformers movie. However its plenty on action. Sadly we didnt get to see Goku go Super Saiyan technician. Either way i definitely say Dragonball is something worth watching despite its corny origin and looks.

On other news, the Gunpla fair has hit Takashimaya from the 13th to the 26th of march at the toys department. They are having a 20% discount on selected products. Plus if u purchase above $30 u’ll get a free Gundam 00 poster calender. I managed to get the Arios Gundam 1/144 HG at $27+ for its original price at $36+. 

Which means as of now, I have 3 down 1 more to go with 2 extras to add on. Will get more pics and info up and running soon. =)



~ by Raisha on March 14, 2009.

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