1/144 HG 0 Raiser Review

“The best kind of confidence is experience.”

-Field Commander Rickad

Adapted from Chronicle Eins, Rune Storm: Apocalypse

As of 21/04/09 me and my pals were reinstated back in to Temasek poly once again for our 2nd year. Lots of new stuff to learn. Hopefully i can put whatever i learned from C Programming into this semester.

Meanwhile, i shall now do the kit review for the 1/144 HG 0 Raiser from the Gundam 00 second series.

A beauty, aint she?

A beauty, aint she?

We're going off the edge sir!!!

We're going off the edge sir!!!

A rather fast kit to make. Which is kinda expected from looking at a box as thin as it came in. While i usually take a good 45min an hour to do a 144 HG, the 0Raiser only took 15min. And i must say, I’m pretty satisfied with it.

This little support fighter comes with a few accessories. The GN katars/shields which are meant to go on the 00 Gundam’s twin drives, a special connector piece to allow the GN swords II to be attached in its back-to-back form and a stand which is compatible with the 1/144 action base stand.

The real feature of the 0 Raiser is that u can separate its wings and attaching it to the 00 Gundam. Thankfully keeping its wings on the Raiser isn’t a problem as the clip system used for this model holds the wings rather tightly onto the main fighter segment. All u need to do to remove it is to slide them back.

Going in TIE-style.

Going in TIE-style.

The 0 Raiser also has wing binders as seen in the above picture which makes it look rather unique when fully extended. Though i haven’t really figured the true purpose/advantage of this configuration. The binder segments can move perpendicular to the wings. The GN shields can also attach on to the sides of the binders too, but watch out for loose ends!

Here’s the final say:


Simple and easy model to build.


Great design.


Requires 00 Gundam for best effect.

Its a fighter jet!

Ultimately i rate the 0 Raiser 5/5. Very simple and detailed model that flawless. However, not truly being a Gundam model, i would definitely suggest getting the 00 Gundam to compliment it nicely.

However there is now a two in one model kit for it. But that’s if ur unlucky to have gotten it back then. ><

Until then, academy training has resumed. The Seravee Gundam will be next.



~ by Raisha on April 22, 2009.

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