Shattered Fantasies

“So what do Mud Dragons dream about?”

-Comment by a  Dragonologist

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Muisca: The Ragnarok Chronicles

Just another update before doing the Seravee review to show that I’m not dead. lolz.

Recently i had a rather augmented dream. While having an afternoon nap yesterday i dreamt i dated a deaf-mute girl. Technically speaking she was very very pretty.

Although i knew nuts about sign language, other than ‘WTFreak’ and ‘do you want to eat’, thanks to the translator girl who was at her constant beck and call (and equally good looking…) i was able to rally messages back and forth to her.

Things went pretty well i must say. Took a walk together with each other holding her hand. In the end we managed to get some one-on-one time with each other alone in an attempt to snag a kiss from her. ^^

But unfortunately that’s when the harsh cruelness of the real world comes and bitch-slaps me awake in the form of a phone call from Josh. XD

As Josh was first on the scene i told him about the dream. He went on to explain in lame (pun intended) mans terms; that it could be a dry bit of memory in your sub-conscious that resurfaced during the nap. Oddly the only time i encountered a deaf-mute person was during an IT fair where he come up to me asking for a laptop in sign language much to my chagrin.

From this i spawned two logical reasons:

(a) I was really horny/desperate at the time of my sleep, 

(b) i really have something against deaf-mute people or

(c) a predicament of the future.

Probably the first one..

 Interestingly enough i wonder if I’ll have enough patience to care for a physically handicapped girlfriend if i ever have one. Probably? Maybe not? Who knows. In any case I’ll be on the look out for that girl. Just in case she turns out to be real. Just in case..

Anyways, the Seravee review will be up shortly once i finalize the pics.  Imma gonna rant&rave more in the next post.



~ by Raisha on May 19, 2009.

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