1/144 HG Seravee Gundam Review

“They came to our world. Little do they know they are not invited.”

-Opening caption/line of the Rune Storm series

Adapted from Eins,Rune Storm: Apocalypse

Alright, the time has come to review the 1/144 HG Seravee Gundam from the second season of the Gundam 00 series.

The Seravee is a particularly expensive 1/144 to get at a price of SG$39.40 from most retails. However i assure u its worth every buck.

Not exactly Freedom-style burst fire.

Not exactly Freedom-style burst fire.

When the gun fight comes to town, you'll be the first against the wall.

When the gun fight comes to town, you'll be the first against the wall.

Looking at the model, many would expect its articulation to be limited due to its fat legs, large side skirt and over-sized back.

However that’s not the case. Suprisingly, despite its bulk, the Seravee is extremely maneuverable and can get into quite alot of good poses. The side skirts are capable of tilting a great deal and the feet can bend around around around the legs rather well, removing the problem the Strike Gundam once had.

Its main body is double jointed allowing it to turn at two points near the cockpit region. The knew cannons are on separate joints on the legs and wont interfere with its movements.

Arsenals. This guy comes with a few, which include 2 GN Mega Launchers in their split mode, 2 knew mounted GN Cannons and 2 more attached to the Seraphim backpack. In the series it had beam sabers (6 if i recall) but the model doesn’t come with any unfortunately.

Despite this, the Seravee has some intresting tricks.

The GN Mega Launchers when contracted come in a split form and can be combined to a ‘Burst Mode’ as i call it just like its forefather. The cannon’s main nozzle can be opened up for its full burst mode as well.

GN Mega Launcher, ready for the kill!

GN Mega Launcher, ready for the kill!

Okay fine, they are actually the GN Bazooka II.

The second trick as seen on the side of the box is that the rear of the Bazookas (both split and combined) can be attached to the GN Cannons on either side of the unit. as seen in the pic below. The funny thing is, as Prime92of youtube stated, is that the Bazookas can be attached to the knee mounted cannons but was not seen doing it in the series.

The lower configuration was not done in the series apparently.

The lower configuration was not done in the series apparently.

The signature gimmick of the Seravee is the exposing of the Seraphim’s Face Burst Mode (WTC?). By just pushing down the ‘cheeks’ at the back, the face can be seen and the V-fins can be adjusted to give you an official Gundam head.

Unfortunately in the midst of my crazed school work i forgot to take a pic of the Seraphim’s backpack form. However i’ll make sure to add it in when i review it.

GN Drive sold seperately.

GN Drive sold seperately.

There aren’t much problems about the Seravee if i recall. The only issue i came across is that the V-fins on the Seraphim are extremely loose. They come of pretty easily and most of the time its held in place by friction in the face Burst mode. Other than that, constructing it was rather satisfying. =)

Here’s the lowdown:


(surprisingly) poseable.

Superb weaponry.

Play value.


Annoying Seraphim V-fin.

Overall i rate the the Seravee Gundam a 4.5/5

Its a tad expensive, but if u love Tieria,  the Virtue or have enough money, i definitely recommend getting this model. Has alot of play value and gimmicks to go with it. One must also purchase the Seraphim Gundam 1/144 to compliment this unit as well.

If your still uncertain, you can check out a more detailed (and humorous) review of the Seravee Gundam here at the Hanger Bay courtesy of CF.

Next review will be the 00 Gundam.

Until then,



~ by Raisha on May 23, 2009.

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  1. awww man now i feel like making my zwei xD

  2. Whats stopping ya? hahas

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