Proceeding with Base Construction

“Arrogance diminishes wisdom.”

-Ellinia Elder

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

Just a small update before i start uploading the pics for the00 Gundam review.

I’m currently having my term break. But unfortunately its not much of a holiday what with assignments due over time and personal stuff to attend to. Been heading back to school almost every single day of the week.

At least some stuff  are progressing according to plan. My 3D city is just about done with the minor animation issue. even had time to do a Mass Produced Guntank replica. Also got to help out Jacintha, Jess, Eza and Zurah on their city as well while they took my hat out for a joy-ride ( see post 397 for the details). The video project is at the 30% mark. Thankfully Josh is now back so that we can resume Willy’s scene.

The Database assignment and CMSK4 aren’t going anywhere yet unfortunately. I guess next week is beef-rushing time. lolz

I have also changed the ratings for the model reviews from -/10 to -/5 so as to bridge the large gap issue for more strict judging. Go ahead and check the new scores if you want to re-assure yourself. =) 

That’s about it i guess. The 00  Gundam review will be up by this weekend so stay tuned till then!



~ by Raisha on June 12, 2009.

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