Unable to Comply, Building in Progress

“So how are we supposed to survive in this wasteland?”

“I’m certain the ancient Jangan travellers hunted and ate whatever they could find when they first explored this area. Perhaps we could roasted a few Chakjis and make wine out of the wings of Devil Bugs.” pondered Raisha aloud.

“…Couldn’t we just hunt a cow or something?” sputtered Musica .

-Donwhang: Scorched Earth

Adapted from Chronicle III, Raisha & Musica: Orient Expedition


That big brown thing on the left is a Devil Bug giant.

That big green thing on the right is a Chakji giant.

Around them are their little minions.



Least I assure you, this did not end well.


The purpose of this post is to apologize on the delay of the 00 Gundam review as I’m in the middle of a brain-wrecking issue with the Singapore Wind Symphony’s storyline.

In the meantime, i leave one with this little snippet:

...or fingers.

...or fingers.

CF did one like this before, so i thought i’d try my hand at it as well. XD



~ by Raisha on June 14, 2009.

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