1/144 HG 00 Gundam Review

“Its not that I wanted to be Royalist.

If it weren’t for my ties with Queen, I would have been a Republican and out of this hell hole a long time ago!”

-Kirubi Godsend

Adapted from Chronicle V, Raisha & Musica: The Three Swords

Welcome back to the Stronghold comrades! As you can see, Silent Stronghold has went through abit of a revamp. New banner and a fresh new layout! Also made new updates for older posts.

Oh and looking at the base’s log, Silent Stronghold is officially 1 year old!

Yea, its seems like alot has happened within that one year since its originally reconstruction both good and bad.

Compared to other sectors like Imaginary Sanctuary which has 3 years of gathered data and experience, mine is still a very young base.

In any case, whats done is done. I look forward to gathering and filling more intel for many more years to come!

Alrite, today I’ll be looking at the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam from the second season of Gundam 00.

The 00 is a very unique Gundam as you can see. It has two GN Drives mounted on its shoulder panels.

Alot of articulation on this guy. He can do basically everything and more that his predecessor could do. His head is abit lacking in that area, making it hard for him to look upwards in the traditional flying pose.

Extra firearm! Cool!

Extra firearm! Cool!

GN swords, in bold new (classy) look!

GN swords, in bold new (classy) look!

Its amazing to know that all of the 2nd season Gundams are dual wielders.

Its amazing to know that all of the 2nd season Gundams are dual wielders.

Quite underused ever since the new arsenal came in.

Quite underused ever since the new arsenal came in.

Down to his arnaments, The 00 comes with two beam sabers which are mounted at its waist-back, two clear pink blades and 2 GN sword II’s. And thats it. No GN sword III watsoever.

The transform the swords into rifle mode, simply pull down the handle attachment,pluck out the blade and rotate it to the horizontal configuration and slot it back in.  I feel that Bandai could have made the blades rotatable, like on a peg joint.

For those of you who have gotten the 0 Raiser, you’ll find that the shield pieces given can be attached onto the GN Drive panels.

This is rather redundant technically speaking.

This is rather redundant technically speaking.

The only thing i dont get is, if your gonna mount shields on your side Zaku style, shouldn’t it be protecting your weak spot? aka the GN drive? As seen above the shields attach slightly below it making this configuration, IMO, rather useless. The shield pieces are are also capable of attaching onto the underside of the arm either separately or as a whole.

Currently as of this point, the only way to get the GN sword III onto an original colored 00 Gundam is either through the Trans-Am Raiser kit (which defeats the purpose) or from the upcoming Exia R2 model.

Now then, lets see the main event. Combining the 0 Raiser with the 00 Gundam.

Enter the playfield, 00 Raiser.

Enter the playfield, 00 Raiser.

Lack of firepower? Deadly.

Lack of firepower? Deadly.

The combination process is pretty simple if not easy enough. To convert the wing binders, simply rotate the pegs that originally attach to the 0 Raiser and it will be compatible with the slots in the GN drives.

Now this is a proper arrangement.

Now this is a proper arrangement.

Definitely much better than before. In the series the 0 Raiser served as a stabilizer for the 00’s twin drive system during Trans Am mode. Without it, Setsuna would go poof early in the battle. Dun expect a merciful Mistaa Bushido next time.

At least now it covers up the GN drives by a great deal more than the shields did.

As for the 0 Raiser, it is capable of folding at two points near its rear section. This reveals a peg that attaches to a hole at the back of 00 Gundam.

Here's looking at you Saji!

Here's looking at you Saji!

Connection drives upclose

Connection drives upclose

The GN drives are attached to an L-shaped piece which goes to the back of the 00. Because its on a separate joint from the shoulder, the entire binder section ca rotate a full 360 degrees without hindering arm movement. Thus allowing some pretty impressive yet familiar poses.

Your going down Memento Mori!

Your going down Memento Mori!

Right, now for the problems with the model. As i mentioned before, the shields are able to attach to a hole on the underside of the 00’s arm. However for mine its extremely lose and wun seem to stay there for long.

The second thing i noticed is that the GN swords in rifle mode are also equally lose on the hands. For those of you who have the Exia Gundam, you’ll note that the GN sword had a peg near the back which connects to a hole on the top side of the arm. Isn’t the case for the 00. Theres a peg like extrusion on the swords and indentations on the arms, but no way to make it fit on tightly.

thirdly, the annoying V-fin. Mine is loose and wun seem to stay on the head (its amazing that all the problems are looseness). This isn’t too bad as abit of glue will do the job nicely. However the Yellow V-fin stickers are a pain in the butt to get and stick on. Be advised!

Lastly, the 0 Raiser binders are hard to come off from the GN drives. My advise is that you just push it in just a tiny bit. Otherwise the entire connector peg will come off and latch on to the GN drives.

With this i conclude this review with a short summary:


Extreme poseability.

Very detailed.

Accessories (especially with the 0 Raiser’s).

Looks awesome as the 00 Raiser.


Loose shield connections on arms (not a problem on GN Drives)

Loose holdings on hands with rifle mode.

V-fin sticker.

Tight binders.

Overall i rate the 00 Gundam a 3.4/5

A damn nice model. Lots of great poses can be achieved from it and as the 00 Raiser, its simply magnificent. However i advise that you get the newer 00 Raiser two in one (designer colors) as it would save you a good 5 bucks.

if you love pink, then the Trans Am Raiser is the one for you.

Next on the list will be the Seraphim Gundam, however, i’ll be doing a super duper extra special review soon! Some of you might have already guessed what its gonna be but i aint saying anything till then!

Here’s a hint: it ain’t a gunpla.


Until then,



~ by Raisha on June 17, 2009.

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  1. Maybe the shield attachments are for cutting fly-bys… oh wait, that’s pretty redundant too, as demostrated on the GN-X III. XDDD

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