Notes from the Field

Nicolia normal

This is Lieutenant Commander Nicolia Kansa Reporting with today’s update.

General Raisha is away and will be unable to continue with the base updates due to the following reasons:

– He just finished the long task of rendering his city in an attempt to make it horde-proof. I’m glad to say it was a success.

-He was out searching for the secret recipe for Mega Juice. I keep telling him its Power extract + Well done steak. But does he ever listen?…

– He has yet to complete the ‘super-duper-extra-special-review’. His excuse? He hasn’t finished taking pictures of her…I mean, the model. Yea that’s right.

-Mafia Wars has not been treating him well.

Therefore from this point on, will be in charge of  all of Silent Stronghold’s latest updates.

As my first act in command there will no longer be anymore ‘quote(s) of the day/week/month/year/eon’. I find it awfully retarded to hear repetitive lines of an obnoxious crusader and his half-baked partner of an assassin.

Secondly, as long as I’m here, all updates direct from the General will be regulated through me first for security reasons.

Lastly I’m cutting of Imaginary Sanctuary’s ice cream supply from us due to incompetence of their leadership.

That will be all.



~ by Raisha on June 28, 2009.

6 Responses to “Notes from the Field”

  1. Haha!!
    Mafia wars not treating you well?? How come?

    • Because MWs tends to keep dcing him during evening onwards.
      He keeps flinging the laptop against the wall hoping it will connect, and personally, im not gonna keep paying for his comp repairs.

  2. laptop won’t spoilt after flinging against the wall?? impressive sia!!

  3. Wow, Lt. Cmdr Kansa is tough. XD

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