Fraulein Revoltech Miki Hoshii Review

“Raisha! How could you kill those poor innocent teddy bears?!”

“Because those poor innocent teddy bears drop money, and I WANT money.”

-The Sky-top Balcony

Adapted from Chronicle II, Raisha & Musica: Legend of the World Tree

Yowza people! I finally finsished that super-duper-extra-special-review, and here it is!

I’ll be reviewing the 1/10 Fraulein Revoltech Miki Hoshii Figurine from the Idolmaster: Live for You! series.

For the plain clueless, who is Miki Hoshii?

Thats Miki Hoshii. The ditsy 14 year old (16 as of 2009) superstar with a knack for speaking in third person and a mind as dim as a first generation Gameboy Advance back light.

For more than 3 years she has been captivating the hearts of many guys on the XBOX  360 with her signature song Relations and her overly impressive bust storyline in the game.

And now as part of Project IM@S money-making scheme, Revoltech has created figurines dedicated to our little bishojo.

After 4 hours of searchng the streets of Orchard and 2 failed attempts at near positive locations, I managed to get mine at Dollz inc. located on the 2nd floor of Borders bookstore at Wheelock place.

It cost SG$50 dollars (omg) over there but luckily a discount sale there gave her there final price of SG$40 only. They really wanted to get rid of her badly. Surprisingly Haruka, Ami & Mami were only only at 40 bucks.

The name says all. ^^
The name says all. ^^


The awesomeness thats the box-side.
The awesomeness thats the box-side.

Behind the flesh, is a Cybertronian Protoform!
Behind the flesh, is a Cybertronian Protoform!

The back-side (no pun intended) holds more wonders!
The back-side (no pun intended) holds more wonders!

As you can see, the box alone is simply amazing. Such grace, such beauty! All in a sleek package that says everything. When I first got it, I simply didn’t want to open it at all. Its that beautiful!

Now I know what Josh is gonna say:

a) WTC?! You kept me in intense waiting for a month just to show me that you got a figma of her?!


b) I KNEW IT! I so knew it was going to be a figurine of her!!! In ur face Sweden!!!

Whichever makes ya happy. XD

For a figma, Miki’s got poseablity as good as most 1/144 HG’s such as the 00 Gundam. However she is equipped to do a lot more than just a typical gun-at-ur-head pose. Her wrist joints are designed to bend to a great degree of angles while still retaining wrist rotation.

Though not many Gundams have good waist articulation, Miki naturally comes with it. So much so that she can turn her body to an almost abnormal position. I guess the creators are laughing their arses off as I speak.

Unfortunately her legs are not double jointed, meaning she cant kick her own butt. Though in another weird twist of fact, her foot can rotate 360 degrees like a Gundam can and her legs can rotate 360 above the knees, something mobile suits cant.

With this, she is able to do the example poses seen on the box itself.

Will you go my way?
Will you go my way?

Her cuteness is illogical. But I still like.
Her cuteness is illogical. But I still like.

Friends, family, give me your Gunplas! ( HG 1/144 preferbly.)
Friends, family, give me your Gunplas! ( HG 1/144 preferably.)

The heart is for you~
The heart is for you~

Do note that when you first get her, there are two pieces transparent plastic lodged in her hair and up her skirt. In order to remove the first one, you have to pull off the conjoining piece of her hair, remove the plastic and attach it back again.

The same is done for the one in her dress only this time round you have to dissect (eeeeepppp!) her by pulling her top half and bottom half apart, removing the skirt and plastic, placing the skirt back on and reattach the two halves. Do not worry, as it will not do collateral damage to her at all. Tried and tested.

Miki’s figurine comes with a host of accessories. Here are a list of what to expect.

– a pair of dark blue “razor sharp” neko claws.

– 13, yes you heard me, 13 hands (inclusive of the ones that are already on her) ranging from closed fists, open palms and even the victory sign.

– 2 pairs of wings that connect onto her boots.

– a jewel choker which goes around her neck.

– a cat ear headband which attached to her head in classic moe style.

Miki uses scratch. Its super effective!
Miki uses scratch. Its super effective!

Thats right folks, count em'!
Thats right folks, count em’!

Next stop, Mt Olympus!
Next stop, Mt Olympus!

I want an engraving like that one day.
I want an engraving like that one day.

And if that weren’t enough, Revoltech even threw in a black stand with wordings on it and an extra Miki head!

The interesting thing is that she is surprisingly detailed. Every part of her. And that’s where you can get down right dirty with her.


The hardest shot to get without getting murdered by my parents!
The hardest shot to get without getting murdered by my parents!

Hell, you know I can do better than that!

Lets go all out…


She's got her eye on you!
She’s got her eye on you!

Now comes the fun part which I love to exploit. Lets find out what doodads she’s compatible with.

First up the 1/144 HG Forbidden Gundam’s heavy scythe.

Shani Andras, eat your heart out.
Shani Andras, eat your heart out.

Like a lil’ angel of death.

Next my SD Strike Noir’s beam ‘shorty’ pistols.

Double my fun!
Double my fun!

Lastly, the1/144  NG  GuAIZ’s beam rifle.

She loves bird watching, chatting and fighting off the ocasional zombie horde.
She loves bird watching, chatting and fighting off the occasional zombie horde.

A more clear look of the cat ear band.

There definitely a lot more stuff she can have fun with, but this is just the main few.


Now for the problems encountered.

When I first got the figurine, her hands are a PAIN to remove from her wrist. Watch out! As to much force will dislodge her lower arm from the upper arm.

The cat claws are extremely lose on her wrist joint. Not sure if my Miki is defective, but that the way it is.

Articulation below the waist is limited due to her rubber skirt. While Gundam front skirts can rotate forward to alow the leg to bend, Miki’s skirt is a totally different issue. Because its rubber the moment you push her legs forward, gravity and tension is gonna take over and push it back to square one. And its something hard to solve unless you remove her skirt completely (which I did =3 ).

She stain’s pretty easily especially in this color scheme. Because I did the handling in an air con room, my hands began to sweat. You wont believe how girlishly loud I screamed when I saw stains on her skirt/boots the next morning! Luckily abit of warm water and some tissue can resolve the issue .

In the end, this is Miki in a nutshell:


Good poseability.

Accessories galore!

Perfect action stand included.

Removable skirt. =3

Could be by far one of the most beautiful/attractive figmas out there.


Lack of poseability due to certain elements.

Easily dirtied if your not careful.

Some parts are tight/loose at wrong areas.

Overall I would rate the Miki Hoshii figurine a 3/5 stars. But since im a Miki fan, 3.5/5 stars. =)

A beautifully detailed model with lots n’ lots of accesories to compliment it. Stunning poseablity and absolute moeness is why you should get your hands on her or any of her other friends from the Idolmaster series.

My own songstress!~
My very own songstress!~

I’ll be taking a break to work on more imposing matters before getting on the Seraphim review. So until then!



~ by Raisha on July 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fraulein Revoltech Miki Hoshii Review”

  1. “The twin cat paws Mi and Ki, when combined with a Camera, gives the following heroes max moe stat: Miki Hoshii. Does not stack with Gloves Of Thirteen.”

    *Ahem* I thought you would give her a full score for sure. I noticed the GUAIz barrel is gone again LOL.

    • LOL!
      I would have if it weren’t for her damn skirt. And the GuAIZ’s barrel broke of when i accidently dropped it during a photo shoot. Dangit! She demands mwoar weapons!!! >.<

  2. wow that was a nice review thanks ((I especially loved the pantie shots XD jk …. or am I? Well I am really excited because I just ordered myself a Miki and I am anixously awaiting her arrival, From Revoltech I have Haruhi Suzumiya in her bunny suit and love her I just have a problem changing her face since the joint in her head is so hard to pull out and I am afraid I will break it, any suggestions on what I can use to get it out safetly? that way I can enjoy all my figures wonderful expressions ^_^

    • Considering the risk, I’d never dare to try to change the face, especially if the parts are resisting. XD

      But the common thing I heard about revoltech joints are the wrists. When you first get it they might be very hard to pull off. Just try to slowly twist it bit by bit until it comes off and she’ll be fine. =)

      Most importantly, if anything else seems to be coming off while your doing it, dont try to fight it!

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