No One Else

“Zombies… Why did it have to be Zombies?!”

-Raisha commenting on the state of the Glast Heim

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Musica: The Ragnarok Chronicles

Hey guys. Back with another recent post, going to show that you can never be too busy to patronize your local church concert!

Yesterday josh and I managed to invite Lynn and her friend Freddy to R-AGE’s debut No One Else concert.

I was extremely impressed with the way it turned out and they felt the same way as well. Most of the songs were extremely meaningful especially the song Tainted Glass.

When I listen to the song, it gives me the impression of two different sides. Us as Christians on one side and God on the other. And wad divides us is this piece of glass, not just any glass, one that is tainted.

I’m sure all of us have seen glass before, it’s clear. So clear that we can see every detail on the other side. Tainted glass on the other hand is rather pretty, but it distorts whatever the image is on the other end and when we see it, it is never the same.

This tainted glass, like what the song says, is the world. And to me, it distorts the image of God and his holiness, even though it might seem pretty, but that’s just the world. The world seems pretty, especially the world we live in nowadays. Everything seems nice and attractive, but is that what God wants us to see?

That’s why I feel it was worth bringing them along to show them God in another point of view, not one that’s ruined by the world, but one that is clear such that no detail of God is spared from us. =)

I tell you man, the concert was a blast, and I’m looking forward to the day we do a world tour! Go team!!! ^^

‘We’ you ask? Yup, that right. From this point on my allegiance is with the R-AGE youth service of Grace Assembly of God. 

Also from this point on I have also added a new category: In God’s Faith. With that here are the updated list of categories you can find at the Stronghold Archives. 

Intel Database – Majority of the bulk on Silent Stronghold. Any updates, trash or whatnot by me all goes here.

Notes from the Field– If Nicolia takes control at any point of time, her posts will be indicated with this.

Classified Information– A stand alone category for top secret information. If you can get in, its all yours.

Model Kit Reviews– All Gunpla models and special reviews are stored here and have kit titles for easy viewing.

In God’s Faith– Anything related to the great works of Lord, be it revelations, inspirations, events are highlighted as such.

Do note that other than Classified Information , all other posts may contain more than one category.

Which means for example, Nicolia can make an update (Notes from the Field)and be doing a Gunpla review (Model Kit Reviews) at the same time.

With that I leave you with a compromising  word that I will be extremely busy for the next two weeks due to major projects.

I’ll live through it. But Nicolia will be taking control of things here while I’m away and hopefully do the Seraphim Gundam review as well.

Until then,

Live long and prosper.



~ by Raisha on August 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “No One Else”

  1. where is ur retards post part 2?? still waiting for it.

    • Relax lah! XD
      This kind of ranting takes time to type out so that it will be sadistically fun to read.
      Rest assured i will have it up by this comming week. >=)

  2. HAHAH u yellowed the entire paragraph xD

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