Full Rush

Nicolia laugh

Welcome back Commrades. Raisha is away once again on another mission of mass ludicrousy, so I’ll be filling in with the latest updates till he boots me out of the command seat.

Most of you are anticipating the arrival of his infamous ‘This is why I hate Retards’ sequel post. Raisha apologizes for the delay as alot of bullcrap unexpectedly occupied his spare time from completing it. However he says he will get it up and running by this weekend (believe it or not =.=).

Alot of skirmishes have occured throughout the past few weeks till now. There were casualties, but luckily the General was able to lend as much assistance as he could to his allies within the area conflict.

Luckily things have gotten alot smoother this week with most of the major skirmishes coming to an end. Very soon we can have some well deserved R&R. You know what this means! Chilled beer and Hawaii here I come!

Lastly, the General would like to thank all allying nations who came to his aid during the time of the full rush. He appreciates it greatly to the bottom of his Muppety core.

Oh ya! Happy (belated) National Day Singapore!~



~ by Raisha on August 11, 2009.

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