“So you’ve come back for some more schooling?

I’ve already got you flanked on both sides!

Now I’m gonna squuuueeeeze you like a grape.”

-Commander Hill addressing the FutureTech Commander

Adapted from Red Alert 3 : Uprising



Moral of the story: Dun mess with the ******* railroad barrier!

Finally the battle is over. With the last (okay there was only one) exam down and out, its time for the teachers to rest and the zombies to party!

Strangely enough, I feel both a mixed of freedom and busyness at the same time. Currently the only thing left on my list is the Singapore Wind Symphony project which Isn’t due just yet. The task is split up. But until my part comes, Im free to relax as much as I want, and yet under soooooo much pressure.

Well, at least it fun few days coming to school just for the lolz and instead game like theres no tmr. Isaac got his entertainment section confiscated, so now he’s relying on school to serve his needs. XD

Other than that, not much has occurred recently. On a minor scale I managed to finally deliver Ezah and Jacintha their Birthday presents. On a more larger scale, theres a Gundam Expo coming to Singapore in about a weeks time. Looking forward to getting the 1/144 HG Exia R2 and 0 Gundam. Who knows? I might even save up yo buy a MG Guntank (not really…).

In the meantime, I have updated all the older model reviews and made the pictures much bigger. Do check em’ out at the Stronghold Archives tab on the right side of the page. The Saviour Gundam looks awesome.

Lastly I have added two more new categories.

Crazy Files – Anything game, shit, or dud related winds up here.

Misc Reviews – Reviews/Guides that aren’t Gunpla related is stashed here (Miki Hoshii still stays there though). Doesn’t seem like I have any ‘misc’ reviews to do, but you’ll see one pretty soon.

That’s about it. Joshua missed an exam as a result of a bad deal he made so I’m right now at the clinic to see whether the MC he got is worth its weight in gold.

EDIT: Its worth it. Damn…



~ by Raisha on August 28, 2009.

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