The Grand Armory

“My Shinobi must have betrayed me!”

-Shinzo Nagama upon his defeat in Robots and Ninjas

Adapted from Red Alert 3: Uprising

Despite certain tasks at hand, it has been a rather enjoyable week. A few days back Josh, Phui See and I dropped by Calebs place for a swim. I daresay I have gotten slack over the years of not touching water. Heck. Im not as hydrodynamical as before. But we did manage to get a lowdown on some of the latest stuff for Left 4 Dead 2 which includes an Uncommon Infected that comes in the form of a clown (yes a clown) right down with his squeaky boots.

Once the apocalypse hits stores worldwide November 10, we’re sure to do some hot heading weapons testing to ‘analyse’ our new adversaries.

Other than that, the recent Gunpla fair at compass point yielded some very useful tech.

Weapons here!

Weapons here!

While purchasing the Exia R2 and 0 Gundam ACD together elsewhere may cost close to SG$50, I managed to get mine at the fair for only 40 dollars roughly making each unit 20 bucks. You wont see that elsewhere! I might drop by again on Monday to purchase the 0 Gundam roll out colors and Reborn Gundam. Hopefully things will be much cheaper on the last day.

I’ll be uploading the pics of the weapons convention fair soon as well as the review for the Seraphim Gundam. So hang tight! 



~ by Raisha on September 12, 2009.

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  1. I want to go weapons testing with you guys toooo!!!

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