“Ever wonder what they’re thinking down there?”

-Harbinger Gunship assault quote

Adapted from Red Alert 3: Uprising


Today is September 14. That day of the year again. What day again? My brother’s birthday.

Now I’ve never down anything, anything, remotely close to this before in my life so Im jus gonna do it for once.

Earlier on I was tasked with the job of satisfying my bro with Swensens. But considering the state of lethargy I was in, I couldnt be bothered to even go downstairs for a soda.

But then again I remembered. There was a Swensens at Compass Point. This might just work to my advantage. Treat mah’ ice cream guzzling bro to lunch while at the same time purchasing the HG 1/144 Reborn Gundam at the Gunpla fair before it closes tomorow.

So after abit of psychoing we headed to the capital of ulu’ness, Pungol Senkang.

I tell ya, the place is near deserted at the last day. Contrasting to the expected last-day-shop-till-drop-with-near-unbeatable-last-day-offers crowd.

Unfortunately the Reborn Gundam was sold out. So I settled for the next best thing. The HG 1/144 0 Gundam roll out colors. Yes you heard me. I GOT ANOTHER 0 GUNDAM.

I’ll cover more about it in the future. After much chatting (and one hell of a teriyaki pasta later) we just headed back.

Now comes the real yatter.

Throughout my days growing up from young, there was one jackass who always stood by my side.

That me my brother Keegan. Aka the Ebenezer Scrooge of the modern era, A.J Arbuckle.

This is for you incase you’re looking at this post. Yes folks he does visit my blog. If you came here looking for furries bro, your wasting your time.

Anyway, my brother was always there. Despite being a little unreliable at times and making my gawd darn image look horrendously bad amongst the ladies, if there was something I could count on him for, it was entertainment. Hell, this much otakuism didnt just develop in me overnight. When we were young, we would always roleplay. It certainly made days without the computer fun.

But now your 21 years old. Better start looking for a gal my man. Though I’ve always picked on you and bossed you around. You know I did cause I didnt want you to look like an absolute retard in the future. You wont see it now, but you’ll thank me in the future.

With that I salute you: Keegan Yeo, for being the best brother any Commander could have.

Live long and prosper. 21 years is not something any retard can survive past.

Live long and prosper. 21 years is not something any retard can survive past.

 The ice cream is your birthday present btw. So quit asking me for one.



~ by Raisha on September 14, 2009.

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