I did it! I actually pulled it off!!!

You must be wondering what I did that was so important that made me even bypass the “quote-of-the-day” routine.

Its something great! Its may not be for you, but I know it sure is to me!

And no, it’s not the fact that I did a looney jig in front of an audience of hundred just now for Rhema Conference 09 publicity (though that was pretty awesome as well).

More will be revealed in the coming week!

Things to look out for on Silent Stronghold:

Gundam Singapore 09 post

Seraphim Gundam Review 

Special Misc Review

What-Im-so-happy-for post.



~ by Raisha on September 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “GAHAHAHAHAHA”

  1. Let me guess… The Special Misc Review involves one Miki Hoshii dressed in black?

  2. I can narrow it down to only one possibility… but I am highly reluctant to admit it, LOL.

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