The Final Countdown


-Soviet Grinder Tank assault quote

Adapted from Red Alert 3 : Uprising


Moral of the story: The Soviets DO watch Discovery Channel.

Alright guys, just another quick update or so.

Things have gotten really choppy overboard recently. And its all got to do with the SWS. Despite earlier reports, our latest push went to show that our team is actually, well, ‘behind time’. Honestly speaking our group is actually last in line. And with the dateline in a distant October, this is gonna be the biggest rush job Im ever going to do.

And somewhere else two rag-tag Muppets are about to depart on a week long trip to China with a certain wrytard. I wish I had taken the trip instead of doing this project. Even though I risk flying in a plane spewing a trail of smoke, bile, fats and intestinal matter, at least my sanity will be 60% more intact than my current 20% (plus I’ll have something to rant about when I get back).

Also, many of my soon to be updates such as the Gundam Singapore 09 post will be delayed. If necessary, I’ll leave Nicolia to fill in the missing bits.

Anyway on a more lighter note, I got the 1/144 HG Tieren ground type. It’s really an impressive kit. I’ll probably review it last in line ONCE I ACTUALLY GET THE TIME TO REVIEW SOMETHING.


Today I had lunch at Ikea with some of my church people. I must say, the spaghetti and meatballs really does hit the spot. Originally me and Phui See thought of going LAN for a while but time, lethargy and an overall burdenising mind stopped me from putting it to action.

In any case, it’s a matter of ‘do or die’ now. The deadline’s roughly two weeks from now. With any luck, my head will still be in its right place by the end of it.

God save the gravy.



~ by Raisha on September 27, 2009.

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