A Memory amongst the War

Nicolia normal

Nicolia here. New updates straight from the frontline.

-Profile page has been updated and has been split into two sections to make it less messy.

-Character profiles updated. More descriptive history behind each one. He may add more in the future.

Raisha is, obviously, away due to the SWS project at hand (see previous entry) and will not be resuming battlefield controls until he is done.

He left in quite a huff, so I assume he’s pretty stressed up. Between you and me… I heard he had abit of a nostalgic flashback.

According to what I heard, an unknown faction that he was monitoring for a while went through the same  acursed incident as he did a year back. The Blackstabbing.

You rookies out there might be wondering what that this it means.

Simply put it, union of two nations, drain one nation off all of it sovereignty and then defect from it when it’s at its worst to join with another. In my book, this is the most disgusting trick any faction can employ as it leaves the target faction totally demoralized. Whats worse is that the unjust leader who did it would already have his next target at sight long before executing his/her plan.

The poor faction is, as of recently, recovering from the tragedy steadily. What astonishes me is how could she do something like that. And now she has a new target at hand.

Whether its was an accident or deliberate attempt is unknown. Im certain General Raisha would not pursue the matter. In fact he washed his hands clean of this a long time ago. In any case we wont let this happen again to SS. Not on my watch.

To her. Raisha tried to change you for the better. He tried.

Kudos to you.



~ by Raisha on October 1, 2009.

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