Command Front

Nicolia laugh

Once again another update from the front.

Tension has gone down abit as (according to Raisha) the SWS is at least 50-70% completed. No further info has been announced by him as of this point. But I reckon he’s refueling his think-tank with more brain juice for the coming days ahead.

On a more interesting note, just last week Joshua of Imaginary Sanctuary finally cut his mop hair. I daresay he looks a whole lot…   Manly-er this way. >=D

GN-X III, ESF Type has made a delayed arrival/notice to Silent Stronghold. I’ll probably be overseeing its construction tonight.

Last but not least on another delayed notice, special package 1 has finally arrived. Its contents a secret. At least till package 2 arrives and Raisha gets the ‘what-Im-so-happy-for’ post up and running.

Its been abit boring down at HQ without Raisha  around. He didnt even give me authority to do the Seraphim Gundam review. Hmph.



~ by Raisha on October 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Command Front”

  1. “He didnt even give me authority to do the Seraphim Gundam review.”

    That’s because the Seraphim Gundam is much, much more dangerous than the Ion Cannon. 😛

  2. GNX is probably the coolest enemy in all of gundam series.

    and speaking of special package, it’s been almost a month… you still didnt get it?

    • According to him, not yet. Though he reckons it’ll be arriving real soon.

      GN-X III ftw. AHead looks fugly.

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