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Though I wasnt authorized to do the Seraphim review, Raisha has however let me fill in on the utterly late Gundam Expo event.

About a month ago Compass Point was ground zero for Gundam Singapore 2009. An event which was part of the celebration of the 30th  aniversery for Mobile Suit Gundam and its successors of the franchise.

Tagged alongside with Joshua from Imaginary Sanctuary and CF from Hanger Bay B-07, the small militia wasted no time to head to Senkang to embrace the occasion.

As CF has already done a report on the event with pictures to go with it, Silent Stronghold instead will be showing you the pictures that he missed out.

gundam-singapore 038

The pearly gates of awesomeness.

 Do note that the blue markings on the floor is the exact size of the Gundam’s foot~!

gundam-singapore 042

RX78-2 over the years

gundam-singapore 043

Zaku II's over the years

gundam-singapore 044

For all your cosplaying and fangirl needs.

 First up, lets pay a visit to the Universal Century theatre with Mobile Suit Gundam and its other One Year War series.

gundam-singapore 051

MG Sazabi

gundam-singapore 053

MG Psycho Gundam?...

gundam-singapore 002

MG Sinanju

gundam-singapore 008

Rick DOM and Dr. Bunhead

gundam-singapore 009

Z-GOK and Floating poop thing.

gundam-singapore 010

Zaku II and Mr. Manhattan

gundam-singapore 047

Mr. Manhattan MKII

gundam-singapore 011

The (soon to be) white elephant of Raisha's collection.

 Next up the Cosmic Era timeline with Gundam Seed Destiny and Seed Vs Astray. Starting off with one of the more impressive dioramas ever seen.

gundam-singapore 004

An almost-in-scale Destroy Gundam

gundam-singapore 005

Destiny Gundam with a more in scale Destroy

gundam-singapore 013

PG Red Frame

gundam-singapore 014

1/100 Green Frame

gundam-singapore 015

MG Blue Frame 2ndR in prototype colors.

gundam-singapore 020

Astray Mirage Frame in protype colors.

gundam-singapore 024

Unit previews from the magazine.

 And last but not least the Anno Domini era and the cast of Gundam Double 0.

gundam-singapore 025

00 Raiser diorama.

gundam-singapore 032

Celestial Being gets caught up with a group of custom Flags, Enacts and Tierens.

gundam-singapore 001

Robot Spirits Cheese

gundam-singapore 034

Gachapon staring Nena, Sumeragi, ...

gundam-singapore 035

....Louise and Liu Mei!

Unfortunately like CF, Raisha didnt get any pics of the BB Senshi/SD Gundam series.

The event was pretty big and lively for a country whose population is not exactly Gunpla crazed like Japan. Well it’s not exactly as big as Raisha expected, but certainly lively.

Out of the event, Exia R2 and 0 Gundam were purchased. Joshua also took the liberty to spurge on his new found love; the Garazzo.

You can find a more detailed compendium of the event at CF’s Hanger Bay here:


Battlefield control is expected to be resumed by Raisha this week. Expect the Seraphim review and a bonus Garazzo review too!

Gundam Singapore 09 may be long over, but one more event now stands in our way.



~ by Raisha on November 2, 2009.

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