1/144 HG Seraphim Gundam Review

“Your call is important to us.”

-Allied Athena Cannon

Adapted from Red Alert 3 : Uprising


Im baaaaaaaack!~

Thats right folks, two months on holiday cold turkey and now its time to take the stage once again.

And what better way to kick things off than with a review of the 1/144 HG Seraphim Gundam from the second season of Gundam Double 0!

Seraphim Gundam 1

The Bot in Black

 The Seraphim in my opinion is pretty interesting model kit jus as much a mobile suit. Mostly jet back, this tiny of  a Gundam costs only SG$20. It’s really small and compact as well, so much so that you can even jus slip him in your pocket and carry him anywhere you want and even smaller when compared too his big brother the Seravee.

Articulation wise, it is pretty decent. It arms do suffer abit due to the way its joints are place to accomodate its cannon form. But still, it can sure do a great deal of poses. There are flaps on the front and back of the shoulders that will ease arm movement.

The gigantic V-fin on his chest can move in and out abit. Though purely ornamental they are particularly loose on mine and are held in position purely by friction. Also if one grips the exhaust ports (I believe they are) on the sides of the body and pull down, a Gundam head can be seen.

According to Bandai, that face is actually a legitimate Gundam ‘head’. The Face Burst mode (as they call it) is usually seen activated while in cannon mode on the Seravee. In doing so it gives of enough GN Particles to fill a Kirov Airship create a GN Field as well as charging the GN Bazooka II to the max. The only time the face is activated when in mobile suit mode is in episode 24 of season 2.

Seraphim Gundam 4

Trick or Treat?... TRAP.

Seraphim Gundam 3

That Spy is sappin' mah arms!!!

 The Seraphim kit comes with a few accessories. First of are two white beam sabre handles, something the Seravee . Then theres also the three clear pink beams. Two long ones for the beam sabre and one short one as a beam dagger of sorts like the Exia’s.  

The arms can be transformed to the arm cannons as seen above. Two ways to do it would be to either remove the hands just like that (the hands are unique as they are pegs rather than ball joints that go onto the arm) or, if you have the Seravee, replace the metallic stickered cannon ends with Seraphim’s that hold the hands.

However you do not buy the Seraphim for its accessories but for its gimmick. Thats right, the Seraphim turns into an almost perfect replica of the one you get with the 1/144 HG Seravee. And is can even replace it.

Seraphim Gundam 2

One of these two dont belong together~ One of these two is not like the other~

 Transforming it is really simple. The arms have to be turned to align like with the shoulders. Remove both hands and the leg, fold the legs all the way to the back. The feet can ‘unfurl’ so that it becomes sharp and compact. Lastly remove the cover on the back and attach it to where the head once was.

 Removing the back cover exposes a peg which can go in to the back of the Seravee.

Seraphim Gundam 5

Well... this will be fun to stand.

Seraphim Gundam 6

50 Bucks if you can make him stand like that without an action base.

Last but not least, the Seravee’s accessories can be used by the Seraphim and vice versa. This allows you to get creative and do some wicked combinations.

Seraphim Gundam 7

Just like Willy and IZ kicking arse.

Like all model kits, there a few with the Seraphim. As mentioned before, his arm movement is extremely limited due to the position of his joints. This also affects it in cannon form. While the original Seraphim can swivel its cannons left and right on the Seravee, the actual unit cant go any far than that.

Next is the gawd darn V-Fin. Not the one on the head, but the one on the FACE. I dunno if i just got the rut of the lot, but the V-Fins on the face are extremely loose and will fall out occasionally. Ironically the original Seraphim has the same problem too. Hmmm….

Lastly his feet are miniscule. So much so that he cant even support himself properly with the beams sabres on without a stand. Im tellin’ ya. Those are the smallest feet I’ve ever seen on a Gundam!

In all here’s the summary of today’s review.


Decent articulation

Cheap model kit

Accessories for your Seravee

Small and compact means this is an easy model to build


Extremely loose V-fin

Tiny feet makes standing hard

Articulation limited due to gimmick

Requires Seravee Gundam for best effect.

The Seraphim is a rather impressive unit. By purchasing the Seraphim along with the Seravee, not only are you giving him the beam sabres his model kit lacked but a host more mix and match parts to do some interesting poses.

I definitely recommend him if you have the Seravee. Currently their re-releasing the Seravee in the form of the GNHW/R version which comes with the Seraphim and extra weapons. If you dont have any of the two, get that one instead least Bandai scams your 5 bucks.

Seraphim Gundam 9

Does that mean he has four eyes now?

Overall rating 3 over 5 stars.

Stay tuned next time for the Cherudim and Garazzo review!



~ by Raisha on November 6, 2009.

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  1. lol…faceburst mode aka, as i would like to call it, facepalm mode xDDD

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