The Wind under our Wings

“Why be content ruling a single nation when we can rule they entire world, Mr. Godsend?”

-Yukionna Raisha posing Raisha Godsend a fate-altering question

Adapted from Chronicle I, Raisha & Musica: The Ragnarok Chronicles


Just a small update before I move on to the Garazzo (yes, not Cherudim) review. It kept slipping my mind that the Singapore Wind Symphony (SWS) concert held on the 31st of October at Temasek Polytechnic is over. And by golly what a show it was. Even my parents and Josh turned up for the occasion.

Singapore Wind Symphony3

Huzaaah! Culture!

Whats this SWS about? Simply put it, they provide the music, we (my team and 5 others) provide the 5-10min flash animation to go with it. And believe me, it aint easy to do sister. I wont go into great detail, least I bore myself out with the typing. Believe me it would be that long.

3 months worth of slogging and holiday cancellation, and it all finishes in a single sell out night. Ms Jean wasnt wrong about the ‘making sacrifices’ part. Oh ho, she wasnt.

But then again, despite a wasted break, I dont regret it one bit. Through the entire thing I got to know Darren, Dongbin and SJJ better. Now I know them more than just wee little friends of CF. Now my portfolio has something more than just dust and termites.

Singapore Wind Symphony2

The motley crew from top left to bottom right: Chen Fei (CF), Darren, SJJ, myself, and Dongbin.

Oh the trials. Oh the stress. Oh the moral indignity of Warcraft 3 easy AI’s.

Forgive my lack of sanity. Cherry’s birthday party is in one month’s time and Im hosting the location. And like the SWS, this will probably be the first and last time I’ll be doing this.

Also I have a ‘job interview’ tomorrow for the role of FutureTech Executive. Now you see why I have every to be insane.

Singapore Wind Symphony1

"So at 24 frames per sec, if 15 secs is 362 frames, how much is 4mins gonna be again?!"



~ by Raisha on November 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Wind under our Wings”

  1. lol…u got ur maths wrong…24 frames a sec, 15 sec = 360, 4 mins would be 240secs therefore…240/15=16…since 15 sec contains 360 frames. hence, 16 sets of 15 = 360×16=5760

    btw u look like some some maths retard whose brain is about to explode

  2. xDDD

  3. Culturez ownz mathz anytime o da day.

    Come to think of it I wrote the storyboard without couting the seconds too. 😛

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