1/144 HG Hiling Care’s Garazzo Review

“Rule of thumb Hassan. 

You can’t kill the messiah.” 

-Kane to a very unlucky Hassan 

Adapted from CNC Tiberian Sun 

Project week is finally over! And although im still in abit of a drunken stupor from a party the day before, Im at least sane enough to do the review for the 1/144 HG Hiling Care’s Garazzo from the second season of Gundam Double 0. 

The unit Im currently reviewing is one of Josh’s many models and was his stolen love at the Gundam Expo 09 (sorry Eins). 

When the first images of this unit appeared on MAHQ, I was absolutely stumped at what a butt of a mobile suit this is. Owing to the fact that I had not watch season 2 at that point of time, the Garazzo looked like an over-proportioned evangelion without knees (or feet for that matter). 

They make em' weirder every season.

 But after watching season 2 episodes prior to the unit’s debut, the Garazzo wasnt all butt at all. In fact it was something I would start to grow on, much like how I first felt of the GN-X. 

Articulation on this unit is rather good in my opinion. Despite the large balls of a shoulder armour, the Garazzo’s arm movements are not limited due to the dual joint design connecting the arm to the shoulder to the main body. 

Side skirt movement is limited due to the already fat thighs this kit has. Though without it, it can actually move a great deal sideways. 

Also it does have knees!  Double jointed with alot of bend for good extra poses. Though its feet arent much to speak of. To change the feet into the open configuration, you remove the toes and reattached them into another hole which is in a different angle. Then you bend out the foot joint. 

The face mask/vizor can move and so can the red panel which cover the GN emitor on the left shoulder. 

"4 years into advance Mobile Suit research and they gave me chicken feet?!"

In terms of accessories it comes with two closed fists, two opened hands, two clear orange beam hands, knuckle dusters that can go on any of the afore-mentioned and an escape pod. 

Other on built weapons are the red GN cutters positioned on its elbows and a pair of vulcans on both arms. 

Lastly it comes with the traditional black stand with two types of holders, an upright one and another bent at an angle to give it the thrusting forward look. 

Shiny Fingers

Dont hai-touch this guy.

! Allelujah has startled the Witch ! "RUN LIKE HELL!"

The beams saber fingers are really good. I was expecting they’d give you clear white beams. But instead they give you REAL orange blades. Other mobile suits should have this kind of blade colour! Luckily the upcoming 1/144 Masurao has orange blades for its beams sabers. You have been avenged Howard and Daryl. 

The knuckle dusters are pretty much to speak of as well. As mentioned before, you only get two of them and for good reason. Because the model itself comes with 3 pairs of hands (inclusive of hand caps as well) and Bandai couldnt be bothered to give you three pairs of spiked fists. 

Instead you have to swap the knuckle dusters around whichever hands you plan to use for the Garazzo. Not a big deal though it can be annoying after a while. Bet meh, its aint too bad. 

The knuckle dusters can also rotate in the fist to face either up or forward. 

"4 Years into advance weapon research and the gave me knuckle dusters. What luck."

 Another interesting feature is the escape pod it comes with. Standard with all Innovator mobile suits, the escape pod serves also as the unit’s GN drive and a source of all those “Team skittle squad is blasting off again!” or “I’ll get you next time Celestial Being!” puns. 

The pod is fairly detailed and has a joint with a rectangular peg at its end. This allows it to stick into a similar shaped hole which holds it really firmly. The joint also moves about the pod so that it matches the position on the second stand holder. 

The pod has movable wings on both sides for when its blasting off again

Now that's just a wee bit ridiculous.

A dildo for two? Nope. An escape pod for one.

Now to on with the problems with this kit. A few actually, but it’s not that big a deal. 

On Prime92’s review of the Gadessa, she stated that the toes were really loose. However in the case of Josh’s Garazzo, the toes are extremely tight and wont seem to budge least I snap the peg. Luck of the draw I guess. But I’d rather have very tight than very loose. 

The head is loose on the ball joint. Josh fixed his with abit of tissue. Take note. 

Also Josh snapped the side skirt holder when he was assembling it at that point. Be careful when handling yours. 

Other than that its pretty much a fine kit. Heres the lowdown. 


Very good articulation  

Variety of hands allow many poses 

Comes with a stand should you not like the open foot config 


Foot might be extremely tight or loose depending on your luck 

Loose head as well 

Overall the Garazzo is a very good model kit to get once you’ve gotten over its looks. I definitely recommend him and any of its multicoloured variants.  Good articulation for poses accompanied with the stand and accessories, and you’ve got yourself a mobile suit with lots of play value. A must have for any curator. 

If your ever gonna get an Innovator suit, why not get the rest of the skittle squad (no Gaga) as well? 

Final rating: 4.5 over 5 stars 

"My fingers, they are made of STEEEEEEL!"

Next up will be the 1/144 Cherudim Gundam. But dont expect it anytime soon. Right now with project week behind me, I want to enjoy the finer things in life. Mainly slacking. =) 

Oh yea, Rhema Conference 09 this sunday! See ya there. 

"Im gonna gut you like a cornish dog."



~ by Raisha on December 11, 2009.

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