A Dream’s Worth; A New Purpose

“I have found my reason to keep fighting.

Now I’ll do what I must!”

-Queynor Ezekiel

Adapted from: Raisha vs Musica II

Well, that marks the end of Rhema Conference 09.

Forgive me if I looked abit anti-social. Ultimately, I wanted to improve my spiritual growth on my own.

And thanks God, I did. I feel like I know alot more than I ever would in those three days.

I always envied a best friend as he had found his reason to keep fighting the war, and that I had known.

However, at Rhema Conference I finally found my reason to keep fighting. And little did I know it was already in front of me all this time.

Bringing a friend to know Christ is a tough thing. Especially if that friend throughout his/her life has been influenced by the world and certain types of company. However that is my dream. And I want to see it through.

I know I made the mistake of having a side motive during those times, but now I do this purely for God.

However, this is a dream of great consequence. It is a dream that can be easily disappointed. A dream that has no confirmation of bearing fruit. A dream… That  whose failure can crush the greatest of hearts.

Despite that, I will not falter. When the end of times comes, I want to be able to see my all of my friends in heaven. And to be able to walk alongside with her.

Thank you Pastor Brian.



~ by Raisha on December 17, 2009.

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