“You know it’s just right, when the flesh falls from the bone!” 

-Doctor Thrax gloating of his toxins 

Adapted from CNC Generals: Zero Hour 


A little hilarity of an incident that happened while I was playing Team Fortress 2 with my friends back then. 

"Damn that Heavy took awhile to kill."

"Hmmm he seemed to have dropped Sasha..."

"I wonder. Can a Scout use that Gattling Gun?..."

"Since this is closely related to Counter Strike, it must be 'G' to pick up weapon."

*does taunt instead*

Achievement Unlocked: Dance Dance Immolation

Just messing with Josh’s Garazzo before it was sent back to Imaginary Sanctuary. 

Its Christmas Eve! Woot! 

Happy Birthday Yukiho! =D 



~ by Raisha on December 24, 2009.

One Response to “Eve”

  1. Miki seems to be an expert at cutting to the bone with the kukuri. :3

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