The Motley Crew

“Look at all the wonderfull toys you have bought me. I broke all my toys as a child General and now I will break yours.”

– One of General Mohmar’s Taunts

Adapated from CNC Generals: Zero Hour

Moral of the story: And so Pudge was born.

Things are slowly accelerating over here. Projects are starting to take shape and I have a test next thursday.

The  Z’Gok type E has been constucted and is showing some prettyimpressive field (or aquatic in this case) results. Im looking forward to what the HyGogg has in store for me.

Also the more character profiles have been added to the ‘Faces behind the blog’ section. Notably Josh, CF, Isaac and Willy.

Updates will be abit slow over here due to unforseen circumstances from higher authorithies. Nicolia may take control if needed.

Lastly, why cant people read the friggen’ sign when they want to use a lab WE booked? God dang it.



~ by Raisha on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Motley Crew”

  1. Hello. Relinked me ok?

  2. just in case you dunno who am i
    i am Jacintha.

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