God save the gravy! …and me!!!

“Your weakness became obvious when I scanned your tactics.”

-General Granger upon YOUR defeat

Adapted from CNC Generals: Zero Hour


Very busy time this season. Lots of bizarre projects are en route and taking shape. Even Nicolia hasn’t had the time to fill in on anything, what with the immense amount of junk we’re thrown.

Unfortunately, with all the pressure you might have thought the Retards would have cracked up and left right?

Well your wrong. They didnt (not that we can tell the difference between a ‘cracked’ retard and a sane one*). Seems like they have decided to swarm us (or Isaac in this case) even more. Be it in real life, or on msn. Que the redundant msn messages please.

Anyway looks like saturday lan party will be off due to family obligations on my part. As well as school work. Mostly school work actually.

I wish the holidays will come fast. Their some things I wish to review asap such as the 1/144 HG Cherudim Gundam as well as the Warcraft 3 custom game ‘Fortress Survival’ and some stuff I said I would review before but never got the time to do it.

Well other than that it’s basically gonna be a very hectic February. I really would appreciate it if you guys remember me in your prayers. Unless you’re looking forward to Chinese New Year or Valentine’s day, it’s really no rest for the wicked.


*did I just say: ‘sane retard’?…


~ by Raisha on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “God save the gravy! …and me!!!”

  1. rofl…sane retard xDDDD

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