Bounty Hunt

Welcome back comrades. It certainly has been a week of reckoning. But now a time of relaxation is finally upon us.

General Raisha and his followers have taken the opportunity to reap the harvests of the land in which, of course, I was left in charge till the day after at least.

New models have arrived at Silent Stronghold recently. Namely; Hy-Gogg, Mobile BuCue and the Gundam Nadleeh. However the General has insisted on finishing any older reviews  before unit construction takes place.

Also the epic 1995 RTS, Tiberian Sun, is now available for freeware download at the official Command & Conquer website. Fans who never got the chance to enjoy this classic ever since Vista wiped out social security in 2006 should not hesitate to download it once again.

Lastly, everyone here at HQ wishes the world, allies and nations beyond a happy tiger New Year. =)



~ by Raisha on February 14, 2010.

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